DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee Teams With Brad Meltzer for New War Story

DC co-publisher Jim Lee announced an upcoming collaboration with writer Brad Meltzer Thursday at New York Comic-Con.

The eight-page war story will be part of an upcoming DC War 100-Page Special. The issue has not yet been formally announced by DC.

At Thursday's Meet the DC Publishers panel, Lee professed his fondness for classic war comics. He added that the new story will allow him as an artist to pay tribute to some of those comics' own artists.

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Lee was part of a USO tour in May that spanned several military bases in Kuwait. "It was really a wonderful honor to be able to do that and I hope we’ll be able to do more going forward," Lee told the panel's attendees.

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The pending special supplements DC's growing catalog of 100-page specials. DC resurrected the format last year for their Walmart exclusives, which combined new stories with classic reprints. DC is reportedly relaunching the line, which will no longer be exclusively distributed.

The story will be Meltzer's first for DC in over a decade. Meltzer teamed with Rags Morales on Identity Crisis in 2004, and on Justice League of America alongside Ed Benes in 2007.

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