DC Comics Incoming "Mystik U" Lands In October

When DC Comics June relaunch of titles was announced, a number of books promised brand new twists on the DC Universe, but none looked to chart new territory quite the same way as "Mystik U." The appropriately shrouded in mystery title promised a look into the magical corners of the publisher, but it then failed to appear in their June solicitations.

Today, the comics blog Weird Science presented a short interview with "Mystic U" writer Alisa Kwitney (who teams with artist Mauricet) which revealed some new details including the launch month for the comic and a tweaked spelling of the original title.

"I'm working on Mystik U, a new monthly DC comic about a college for magical folk," she said. "There's a mixture of new characters, like the brooding illegit son of a dark warlock, and also some familiar faces, like Rose Psychic and Cain and Abel. It's coming out in October, a fittingly witchy month."

Some have theorized that the comic will star longtime Vertigo mainstay Tim Hunter, but that remains unconfirmed. However in a recent CBR interview on her "Convergence: Batgirl" series, Kwitney outlined some of her influences stepping into the new job. "Growing up, I read all kinds of comics, but my favorites were horror titles like 'The House of Mystery' and weird genre hybrids like 'PLOP' and the original 'Outsiders.' Working on 'The Sandman' and 'Books of Magic' [as a Vertigo editor] certainly influenced me, but so did Peter Milligan's brilliant 'Shade the Changing Man.' I've never worked with Terry Moore, but 'Strangers in Paradise' is a huge influence."

Stay tuned for more on "Mystik U" as it becomes available.

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