DC Comics Honors Darwyn Cooke In This Week's Releases

After passing away in May, iconic comic creator Darwyn Cooke has been honored by DC Comics with a double-page spread in this week's releases featuring his art and a quote from legendary artist Jack Kirby.

Cooke's family revealed on May 13 that the artist was battling an aggressive form of cancer. Cooke passed away the next day.

Cooke's relationship with DC began in 1985 with "Talent Showcase" #19. He followed that up with work as a storyboard artist on "Batman Beyond," "Superman" and "The New Batman Adventures." He gained wider industry attention fifteen years later with the one-shot "Batman: Ego." In 2001, he collaborated with writer Ed Brubaker on a stylish update of "Catwoman," and then wrote and illustrated the seminal "DC: The New Frontier" series in 2004. In 2007, Cooke helmed a DC Comics revival of "The Spirit," the legendary Will Eisner's most famous creation.

Cooke's family has specified that donations can be made to the Canadian Cancer Society and The Hero Initiative.

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