4 DC Comics Coming to HBO Max (& 6 We Hope to See)

HBO and Warner Brothers have announced that DC content will be a huge part of the upcoming streaming service, HBO Max. With a few series already announced for the platform so far, it's likely that more announcements could be on the way very soon.

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While this could be bad news for the DC Universe streaming service, which also produces original content based on DC Comics, it's great news for fans in general. It seems like the programs put into production will have a significant budget and some really talented teams behind them. We're looking at the series announced so far and ones we hope to see on HBO Max.


Zatanna is the sort of character that would likely fit perfectly into the Arrowverse. She could be introduced with the use of John Constantine or perhaps even Lucifer Morningstar, who is supposed to be making an appearance in the future. However, there's more potential than just the Arrowverse for the sorceress.

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There's every possibility that we could see a new magical DC show. There's not many of them around currently and while the weird and wacky world of the Sandman seems to be in production for Netflix, HBO Max could provide its own dark and magical world through Zatanna.


We already had an excellent TV show based on the Swamp Thing from DC comics. Unfortunately, despite having a pretty safe home with the DC streaming service, it got cancelled, much to the despair of many fans. That doesn't mean it's the end ,though.

Since the show was popular, if not a little niche, there's a possibility that it could find a home with HBO Max. While it's not the big budget and epic stories HBO probably wants to tell, there's already a fan base there and a story to continue telling; Swamp Thing could be a sleeper hit.


Part of the big HBO Max announcement was that producer Greg Berlanti was bringing his many DC-related skills to the streaming service for a big budget action series. DC is finally moving ahead with a Green Lantern show, which surprised many people in the industry.

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The series is likely going to follow the Green Lantern Corps, although it's unclear which particular lantern we're going to focus on. The only live action Lantern we've seen so far was Hal Jordan, so is it finally time to see John Stewart, and could this series relate to the films in some way?


Fans have been clamoring for a Booster Gold series for years. Of course, if our wish came true, it also makes sense that we have his best friend Blue Beetle along for the ride. There is a serious lack of superhero comedy series currently.

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle would need a sufficient budget in order to do it justice. HBO Max has that. It would also provide a chance for the platform to do something completely unique compared to their competition. The sky is the limit for this really fun duo.


Yes, we do have another member of the Bat family, Batwoman, currently on the CW. The series has had a mixed response so far and it's unclear how the network will move forward with the character. Despite this, HBO Max could decide to develop with their own Gotham project.

It's fair to say that Batgirl has been one of the most interesting DC vigilantes for quite some time. Her comic series has become increasingly popular, and there's something hopeful and light about a character who would normally be associated with darkness and grit. This could be a breath of fresh air.


We've already seen a series based on the Watchmen comic on HBO. Well, it looks like that series has been guaranteed to go to HBO Max as an exclusive box set for the service. This is pretty big news, as the series has been very popular so far.

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Although it may never become an exclusive to streaming rather than airing on HBO as well, there could be future spin-offs that only air on HBO Max. There's also other opportunities for the platform to be used for crossovers and perhaps that's how Watchmen will be integrated.


The Red Hood is the kind of character that has come close to getting a TV show a number of times. While his story has never really been told in live action, this could finally be the opportunity to do so. Fans have been asking for a lot more Jason Todd for some time.

The vigilante who has turned away from his life as Robin, and dedicated it to fighting crime with deadly force, is essentially DC's version of the Punisher, although perhaps with a far more interesting backstory. This is the kind of gritty drama that would be perfect for HBO Max.


Elizabeth Banks is also working on a series for HBO Max. The teen drama Superhero High is set to create a new legacy of characters. While there is likely to be familiar faces from the pages of the comics, there is also going to be some new heroes introduced.

The series will follow of group of gifted young heroes who are learning to use their abilities in order to fight crime. We'll probably see a lot of famous mentors walk through their doors, as well as a few rebellious missions. This is staged a little as a comedy as well, so anything could happen.


An old comic series was recently brought back to prominence in a brand new wave of DC projects. Dial H for Hero has to be one of the more bizarre yet fun set of stories that DC have done for quite some time. It may be perfect as a quirky series for HBO Max.

The comic follows a young boy who comes across a telephone. When he dials H he turns into a different superhero for a short amount of time. Each has an amazingly complex and silly backstory and strange powers that are never seen again.


HBO is clearly happy to embrace the strange, as they are bringing the anthology series Strange Adventures to their streaming service. No comic book-based anthology series have aired so far and it looks like HBO wants to try and get ahead of the curve.

Produced by Greg Berlanti once again, there's no telling what could happen in strange adventures, although our prediction is that it's going to play into the multiverse and include lots of fantastical one-off stories that could play into other shows and films. There have been rumors that the series will feature Adam Strange, which we have not had confirmation on.

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