DC Will Reveal Hawkman's True Origin in December

It's no secret among DC fans that Hawkman has the most bizarre history of any hero in the DC Universe. And no one knows that more than the Winged Wonder's current scribe, Robert Venditti (X-O Manowar, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps), as the writer has done his best to fix the character's fractured continuity that has plagued him for decades. Now, though, it sounds like Venditti is going to drop another major revelation regarding Carter Hall, as the upcoming seventh issue of the current Hawkman series will reveal his true origin.

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Carter's original backstory states he was the reincarnation of an Egyptian prince who was murdered along with his lover by their evil high priest. However, due the properties of Nth metal, all three were reincarnated throughout the centuries, with the priest, Hath-Set, usually succeeding in killing them, until the cycle was broken in Brightest Day. Dark Knights: Metal revealed he may not have started off as Prince Khufu, though, while Venditti added that Carter actually reincarnates throughout time and space, with lives he doesn't even remember living.

With Carter learning more and more about his past, what exactly does Venditti have in mind for the character regarding his true origin? And will it give Carter the answers he seeks, or only add more to the mystery? All might be revealed when Hawkman # 7 hits the shelves on Dec. 12.

Check below for the solicitation and issue cover.

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  • written by ROBERT VENDITTI
  • art and cover by BRYAN HITCH
  • variant cover by JULIAN TOTINO TEDESCO
  • The origin of Hawkman revealed!
  • Rocketing across the cosmos in his newly recovered spaceship, Carter Hall is en route to the next stop on his adventure through time and space. He doesn't have Netflix to pass the time, but he has something even better. Locked within the ship's memory banks is the truth behind Carter Hall's reincarnation ability as well as his connection to the Deathbringers-giant, winged beings of immeasurable power on their way to destroy Earth!
  • ON SALE 12.12.18
  • $3.99 US|32 PAGES
  • This issue will ship with two covers.
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