DC Comics, Geoff Johns Reveal Aquaman's "Other League" Teammates

DC Comics has revealed new information on the upcoming new story arc of "Aquaman" by Geoff Johns with art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. In a post on the publisher's official blog, The Source, writer Geoff Johns spoke to "The Others," a super-powered team from Aquaman's past who reappear in "Aquaman" #7 on March 28.

"'Aquaman' #7 is the first chapter of 'The Others,'" Johns said via The Source. "We'll take a look into Arthur's past and his connection to a very different type of league he was once a part of and why, today, they're forced to return. Even if that's the last thing any of them want to do. Ancient Atlantean relics, mysterious new heroes, a deadly villain's return and the truth behind Arthur's transformation into Aquaman."

Johns also teased Reis and Prado's design for Kahina the Seer, the moral compass of The Others with the gift of future sight.

"Ivan and Joe designed the most elegant and stunning member of the Others when they tackled Kahina the Seer," Johns said. "Originally from Tehran, the Seer was once the conscience of the Others. Named after her prophetic vision, the Seer often uses in in conjunction with her skills with a sword. The Seer has been inactive for the last few years, her whereabouts and activities unknown to Aquaman. Until now."

Reis and Prado's design of Kahina the Seer features a woman in a flowing robe grasping a deadly-looking sword. No other details were revealed about The Others, but readers will discover more about the team when "The Others" begins on March 28 with "Aquaman" #7.

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