Fans Petition DC Comics to Print Garcia-Lopez's Style Guide

DC Comics' style has evolved a lot over its 85-year history. A style guide from legendary comics artist Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez that shaped the Burbank-based publisher's look in the 1980s has become something of a holy grail for DC fans. And now there is a petition for a print release.

The petition was set up by a DC fan known as Mark F. and is currently up on Change.org. It pleads pleads with DC Comics to finally release Garcia-Lopez's style book for public consumption.

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"This guide shaped a generation's vision for what Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the world of DC Comics looked like," the petition reads. "For many of us when we close our eyes and picture Superman, it's the one drawn by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez.

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"While versions of these images are available with a Google search, fans of the iconic artist and loyal readers of DC Comics would love a nice copy to put on their shelf alongside the worlds that this document informed," it continues. "It's a great way to help preserve history and give credit to the artists and illustrators that envisioned the stories that shaped our lives."

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In the 1980s, DC commissioned Garcia-Lopez to create the style guide for DC Comics artists, as well as license holders. The guide became the standard for many DC releases for over two decades. Garcia-Lopez's designs and style has influenced many DC artists and fans to this day.

The petition gives a touch of nostalgia at the end, stating: "If you grew up with these characters, if you had(or have) Wonder Woman underoos, if you read a choose-your-own adventure featuring Batman, these images arose from those style guides."

At the time of writing, the petition has amassed just over 30 signatures, with a current goal of 100.

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