DC Shares the First Glimpse of Doomsday Clock #12

Readers anticipating the long-awaited Doomsday Clock #12 have gotten their first look at the upcoming issue.

DC shared a pair of tweets showcasing a sneak peek at Gary Frank and Brad Anderson's art from the series' upcoming final issue. The first features the return of the Rorschach -- presumably Reggie Long, the second Rorschach -- who was seen last issue escaping from Arkham Asylum. The clearly identifiable shadow of Batman also appears in the panel.

The shadow of another familiar figure is visible next to Batman's, and the silhouette appears to also be that of Rorschach. Exactly how this scenario unfolds remains unclear - does the original Rorschach somehow return for the series finale, or is this another one of Reggie's visions?

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The second tweet features an image of the aforementioned Batman descending from the skies from what appears to be the Batplane. The Dark Knight was seen last issue trying to stop the deployment of a nuclear weapon on the eve of global war in the DC Universe.

The issue brings the two-year-long series to a close. Doomsday Clock #11 was published in September. The first issue was released in November 2017. Doomsday Clock #12, by Geoff Johns, Frank, Anderson and Rob Leigh, goes on sale December 18.

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