DC Comics Debuts Pete Wood's Interior Art for "JLA's Vibe" #1

DC Comics has released a look at the first issue of "Justice League of America's Vibe" #1, the upcoming title written by "Arrow" Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg and illustrated by Pete Woods. The series spins directly out of the upcoming Geoff Johns/David Finch "Justice League of America" title, in which the one-time Justice League Detroit member makes his New 52 debut.

"What's really cool about the book is that because it's based on a character that has been around for a really long time, and does have fans," Kresiberg told CBR in late 2012. "You have to honor that, but in the same way, we are excited to create as many new characters as we can and really have them make a real impact on the DCU, and hopefully take hold. We're hoping you won't be able to imagine a time before Vibe and his cast of supporting characters weren't a part of the DCU."

"He's got a real mythology and character arc that I felt could build into something very special," Johns recently told CBR of the character, who has spent the better portion of his existence being treated as something of a joke by comic fans. "He's a big part of that book, but having somebody who's there that's kind of a red shirt adds something."

"Justice League of America's Vibe" #1, by Andrew Kreisberg and Pete Woods, debuts February 20.

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