DC Comics debuts an interactive guide to 'Convergence'

Ahead of the April 1 debut of "Convergence," which DC Comics bills as "the biggest story in DC history," the publisher has unveiled an interactive guide to the "Multiverse-shattering" nine-week event.

The above image of Telos hovering before a honeycomb of characters from alternate Earths is likely familiar by now -- it was released in November, after all -- but on the DC website you can now place your cursor on the individual hexagons to learn more about the worlds they represent. Well, most of the hexagons; DC promises more content will be added.

For instance, on the far right is the Pre-Crisis 30th century Metropolis of the Legion of Super-Heroes, and to the far left is Pre-Flashpoint Gotham City and the Soviet Union of 2003's Superman: Red Son. But you probably knew all of that. However, the guide is probably good for those one or two worlds you weren't quite sure about.

The big event kicks off next week with Convergence #0.

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