DC Comics cuts deal with Florida barbershops over trademark dispute

DC Comics has settled its trademark-infringement lawsuit against a Florida barbershop owner it accused of using its Superman logos without permission, Law360 reports. Details of the agreement weren't immediately available.

The publisher filed the lawsuit in September against Reginal B. Jones, owner of Supermen Fades to Fros in Eatonville and Winter Park, claiming his shops exploited the Superman trademarks for signage, barber capes and marketing materials (photos on the Fades to Fros website show as much).

Contending the logos were likely to cause confusion, leading the public to believe DC had an affiliation with the barbershops, the publisher originally sought, among other things, for Jones to hand over for destruction any infringing materials, to surrender his domain name, and cancel all business names containing the Superman trade or service marks.

In his November response to the lawsuit, Jones wrote, “DC Comics has decided to pick on me because they know I am a small local barber and cannot afford the big lawyers they can. I am asking that you look very carefully at what they are trying to do and not let them take advantage of me.”

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