Scott Snyder Announces Massive DC Crossover Event for 2019

Speaking at the Justice League panel at Comic-Con International at San Diego, Scott Snyder teased a massive DC Comics crossover event for 2019.

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The Justice League writer revealed, "Everything is coming back, we want to pay it forward. The Omega Titans, Barbatos, the Forge, it’s all coming back. Everything you read, our goal is to reward. All of it culminates in like a year in like a Metal event. I don’t know if I’m supposed to be saying that but I’m saying it.”

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Snyder has an established history already at DC at allowing his various stories to build and build into a major event and ever since he wrote Dark Nights: Metal, he has taken that approach from just the pages of Batman and built it into his approach for the entire DC Universe, something that he is clearly continuing with his work on Justice League: No Justice and the current Justice League ongoing series.

We already knew that the Dark Nights: Metal events were going to continue to play a role in the DC Universe with Snyder and Jock's The Batman Who Laughs miniseries, but now we know that it will all connect together to form the next major DC Comics crossover. If Dark Nights: Metal was huge coming out of the pages of Batman, you can only imagine how big this next event will be as it is spinning out of a book, Justice League, that affects the entire DC Universe.

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