DC Comics Continues Special Sales Incentive with Third Month of "Countdown"

Official Press Release

DC Comics' new weekly series COUNTDOWN is set to continue in July with issues #43-40, solicited in the May Previews (Volume XVII #5).   As with the first two months of the series, DC continues its offer of full returnability for qualifying retailers.  

Retailers must meet DC's qualification levels each month to take advantage of this incentive.   To qualify to make returns on COUNTDOWN #43-40, retailers must place final orders on each of these issues equal to or greater than their orders on 52 WEEK 51 (FEB070243).

Qualifying retailers will be required to return stripped covers from returnable issues of COUNTDOWN and an affidavit of destruction to Diamond Comic Distributors at a date to be named later.   Retailers will be then be issued credit for each copy, minus 10% of the cover price ($.29).  

COUNTDOWN #47-44 are solicited in the May Previews (Volume XVII #5).

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