DC Comics Characters Who Could Hit the Mark on "Arrow"

The CW's sophomore hit "Arrow" has become a television way station for some of the most beloved characters from the DC Comics Universe. From Roy Harper, to Black Canary, to the Huntress, to Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, Deathstoke, the Royal Flush Gang, Suicide Squad, and even Barry Allen himself, "Arrow" has delighted fans with the seamless inclusion of characters from every corner of the DC Universe. With the CW confirming "Arrow" will be renewed for a third season, the road is wide open for more to join Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen in Starling City. CBR has rounded up some of the characters that could make a seriously exciting impact on "Arrow" and the expanding DC Universe on television.


While everything seems peachy for Thea Queen and Roy Harper of late, we all know stories are built around conflict and this honeymoon can't last forever. Sure, Roy is having to deal with his newfound super strength and the difficult path to becoming Starling City's latest vigilante, but that hasn't exactly stopped the show's hottest young couple from making doe eyes at each other at every opportunity. The arrival of Chesire, however, would most certainly put a stop to all of that. In the comic book source material, Cheshire is one of the world's most dangerous assassins and her star-crossed love affair with Roy is the stuff of legend. Their complex relationship became a narrative cornerstone for the young hero and eventually led to Roy becoming one of the first single parent super heroes. Cheshire could be seamlessly integrated into the series as a member of the League of Assassins and throw a wicked wrinkle in the Thea-Roy relationship -- as if Thea won't have enough drama when she discovers her biological father is really Malcolm Merlyn. Cheshire could also provide a great physical threat to Ollie in additional to the emotional threat she would pose to his entire family dynamic.


Slade Wilson certainly has a good setup going in Starling City with complete control of possible future mayor Sebastian Blood and more assassin backup than you can shake a katana at. That said, if he plans to defeat Ollie and bring Starling City to its knees, Slade will need more support, particularly as Ollie's crew continues to expand. Ollie's vigilante numbers include Felicity Smoak, John Diggle, Black Canary, the newly powered Roy Harper and, possibly, a certain speedster could be entering the fray as well. With all these mighty friends, Ollie may have an advantage in the inevitable war with Slade Wilson, the man that blames Arrow for the death of his beloved. Because his vengeance is personal, calling on family seems like a smart move for Slade. In the comics, Slade has three children: his son, the original Ravager; his other son Joey, also known as the body-swapping mute, Jericho; and his daughter Rose, who became the second Ravager upon her brother's death and just may be the most formidable of all. If not the most dangerous of the Wilson brood, Rose is definitelthe most committed, plucking out her own eye to be more like daddy. She eventually turned to the side of the angels, but the evolution of Rose in "Arrow" would make for some serious drama, particularly if she falls for Ollie like every woman seems too. Rose could be a game changing villain and, eventually, help lead to Slade's ultimate defeat.

Harley Quinn

Fans have heard whispers of Ra's Al Ghul since the earliest episodes, and even recently met the daughter of the Demon (the other daughter of the Demon), Nyssa Al' Ghul, all of which confirms that "Arrow" does or will share a world with Batman and Gotham City. The inclusion of Batman could further be teased by the use of more Bat characters in Ollie's world. Even if Batman never makes an appearance on the show, his presence could be felt and used to tantalize fans. By the same token, bringing the Joker into the mix might serve as too great a distraction from the well-constructed drama unfolding in Starling City. Harley Quinn, on the other hand, could serve much the same function as the show's allusions to Batman, allowing the Joker to play a part without ever actually showing up. The grease painted diva of destruction could enter Starling City like a tornado, turning Ollie's world upside down. She would also make a strong foil for Canary or Huntress, teasing many future conflicts between herself and the heroes of the DC Universe. There is a greater, more insane world outside the borders of Starling City, and Harley could be the perfect conduit to connect "Arrow" to it.


Like Harley, the unstable Cupid can enter Ollie's world and leave a trail of destruction in her wake. On the surface, Cupid is very similar to Harley, but Cupid's threat is much more personal. In the comics, the highly trained and motivated spree killer is romantically and violently obsessed with Starling's most eligible bachelor. Cupid takes her obsession so far that she targets and kills anyone who gets in the way or her and her man, which could mean deep trouble for the Lance sisters and Felicity Smoak. Cupid is Ollie's personal femme fatale and is as crazy as any Arkham Asylum inmate. Plus, like any good cupid, she is a fierce archer in her own right. The creators of "Arrow" could make this lesser known villain into a femme fatale for the ages.


With the League of Assassins and Ra's Al Ghul in play, what better character to bring in than Bane, the League's ultimate enforcer (at least according to the Nolans' "Dark Knight" Trilogy). The "Arrow" version of Bane could be an amalgamation of the 'roid-raged genius from the comics and the nihilistic killer from "The Dark Knight Rises." Conceivably, the Venom that gives Bane his superior strength could be a derivative of Sebastian Blood's Mirakuru, which would solidify his connection to the events in Starling City and on the island. Bane would be a perfect villain to take on both Slade and Ollie in hopes of finding and controlling Mirakuru, or he could be sent by the League of Assassins to retrieve Sara Lance, the League's wayward daughter. With so much cache right now, Bane could bring the attention paid to "Arrow" to even greater heights, as well as serving as yet another connection to the world of Batman. It's not entirely inconceivable that, before Bane arrived in Gotham City to break the Bat, he had a stopover in Starling to warm up with a certain hooded vigilante.


For the creepy factor alone, Onomatopoeia could be a choice villain for Ollie and company. Created by Kevin Smith, Onomatopoeia is one of Green Arrow's cooler contemporary villains; his gaudy costume and penchant for vocalized sound effects make him an eerie and original killer whose arrival in Starling City could certainly be a harbinger of chaos. Ollie has never faced a killer like Onomatopoeia -- a man who kills for sheer joy. The show would up its creepiness quotient about as far as network TV can take it with the inclusion of this almost silent assassin. Like many names on this list, Onomatopoeia could be folded into the League of Assassins, or he could be an agent of Slade Wilson or a killer sent by Sebastian Blood to take out his mayoral competition, Ollie's mother. Whatever the case, Onomatopoeia could provide a drastically different, not to mention unsettling, threat to Ollie and viewers alike.

Doctor Light

"Arrow" has not shied away from super powers, and one of the creepiest, nastiest super powered villains of recent years -- thanks in large part to his role in "Identity Crisis" -- has been Doctor Arthur Light. Even if "Arrow" doesn't take Light to the extremes writer Brad Meltzer did in his seminal event, the not so good Doctor can still be portrayed as a master criminal, a lascivious madman who could make life difficult for Ollie and Co. Light's powers could work well in the world established for the show, and he would bring a sense of old fashioned villainy to Starling City. Light could darken the lives of the women of "Arrow" with his mustache twirling sliminess. After "Identity Crisis," Arthur Light kind of became a de facto member of Arrow's rogues gallery, and a television appearance combating Ollie could further solidify his connection to the Green Arrow mythos.

Lois Lane

While much has been hinted at regarding Batman and his cast on "Arrow," nary a word has been mentioned regarding Metropolis or its protector, the one and only Superman. An appearance by the Man of Steel might be a bit jarring to the narrative established in "Arrow," but having a grounded, tough as nails character like Lois Lane pop into Starling City on the trail of, say, the truth about Sebastian Blood or the League of Assassins could make for some great synergy between "Arrow" and the vast DC Universe standing outside Starling's gates. Lois' appearance could give fans a feeling of a bigger world, a vast universe bursting with potential and history and, maybe in a pre-Superman world, sparks could fly between Lois and Ollie... This would double as a callback to "Smallville" and make the world of "Arrow" seem a bit more super.

The Seven Soldiers of Victory

Long before he was a member of the Justice League of America, Oliver Queen and his sidekick Roy were founding members of DC's other Golden Age super team, the Seven Soldiers of Victory, also known as The Law's Legionnaires. During World War II, Green Arrow and Speedy joined together with the prairie crime fighter the Vigilante, the time lost son of Camelot the Shining Knight, the mysterious Crimson Avenger and the sons of patriotism, Star Spangled King and Stripsey, to form DC's second super team. Throughout the Golden Age, the Soldiers gathered to fight evil scientists, Nazi agents and many other menaces, and each member could find a home in the well-established world of "Arrow." With a few tweaks, each member could become a soldier in Ollie's war on corruption. Picture a hi-tech cowboy and knight going into battle with weapons supplied by Felicity Smoak. Or, perhaps the Star Spangled Kid could be an old friend of Thea's? Whatever the case, the Soldiers play a huge role in "Green Arrow" history and an inclusion of Ollie's original super-team would be a fitting tribute to the DC Comics of yesteryear.

Hal Jordan

"Arrow" seems to be exploring Ollie's most important bonds and relationships with the inclusion of Canary and Roy Harper. Arrow's main relationships are covered, except one -- his deep and abiding friendship with Hal Jordan. Bringing a pre-Green Lantern to Starling City could establish the heroic friendship the Hard Traveling Heroes will carry into the future. Hal's arrival could also be the first meeting between the future Green Lantern and Flash, another of DC's great traditional friendships. With such a rich history and fantastic character traits -- something fans largely missed out on in the "Green Lantern" film -- Hal's inclusion in "Arrow" could go a long way into establishing another future legend that Ollie could be a part of. Starling City could always use the light of courage, and ring or not, that is exactly what future legend Hal Jordan could bring.

"Arrow" airs Wednesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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