10 Underrated DC Characters (& Why They Deserve A Second Look)

DC has given the world some of the most pivotal superheroes. Whilst some won their fair share of criticism, others are applauded from time to time. There are a plethora of characters to choose from. You name it, and DC will have created it in any of the canonical timelines.

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There are characters who got lost in the time shuffle. As a result, they remained unappreciated and fans couldn't learn about their exceptional feats. You may have heard their names here and there and forgotten about them. But your expectations are surpassed once you read about them.

Without further ado, here are 10 underrated DC characters that exceeded fan expectations and went on to achieve great feats.


You hear Static, your mind immediately takes you to a cartoon. He is stereotypical, in that, as a person of color, he almost fell prey to gang wars. He chose to leave his neighborhood life behind for a greater purpose. Soon after this incident, he gained his superpower of electromagnetism at Paris Island.

Static successfully applied to Teen Titans. His most commendable feat is his resistance to the Anti-Life Equation. During his stint with the Teen Titans, Static was abducted by the Dark Side Club who drugged with him with the equation and wanted him to battle against his fellows. As a Black superhero, Static remained largely unappreciated, except for his cartoon series. It's time for DC to recognize the feller who proved immune to the Anti-Life Equation.


You hear 'detective', and you are reminded of the likes of Tim Drake, Jim Gordon, or Jessica Jones.

But there's another: Charles Victor Szasz aka Vic Sage, created by Ditko and Charlton Comics in the 1960s. He was later absorbed in DC. Due to a lack of legal support during his investigative procedures, he was forced to don a mask and operate like a faceless detective. Vic has successfully aided the JLA in one of the greatest battles they have ever fought: the battle of Metropolis. In other, he helped Superman against Lex Luthor. Fondly remembered as The Question, we think it's time to shine some light on Vic Sage.


Donna Troy will unfortunately always be a character overshadowed by Wonder Woman. Her other misfortune is that she is one of the most retconned DC characters.


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But turns out, Donna has done it all. From being Wonder Woman's side-kick to aiding the Teen Titans as Wonder Girl and battling for her home, Themyscira. Donna's greatest achievement is aiding the Titans in stopping the resurgence of Mister Twister. If you think Wonder Woman is the epitome of the Amazonian ideal of loyalty, compassion, and strength, take a double check.


From amongst the coveted list of DC's anti-heroes, Jonah Hex is barely talked about. There are Batman, Black Adam and Harley Quinn who take the top slots.

But once you read about Jonah Hex from the Wild Wild West, you realize no one holds a candle to him. A legendary bounty hunter, Jonah sends the devil his regards. This one has experienced slavery firsthand. It takes integrity to stand up against something that's broken you in the past. Ergo, Jonah refused to fight against slavery Abolitionists during the American Civil War. We are proud of Hex's personal code of honor that he stuck with throughout his times as an assassin.


Ah, the major diss by Ryan Reynold's Deadpool that tainted Green Lantern forever. A Hollywood A-lister has portrayed a B grade character in the past, how could Ryan let it go so easily? Perhaps Ryan needs to revisit the book of OA which has an entire section dedicated to Hal Jordan.

Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern isn't a bum. Green Lantern has taken an oath to protect the Earth against evil, mind you, not resolve but an oath. Being Green Lantern is not everyone's cuppa tea. Green Lantern has more willpower than anyone else in the DC universe. Not only has he killed a Guardian but he has returned from the dead twice.


Sandman, aka Wesley Dodds, comes from the Golden Age. He isn't the most popular Golden Age characters. He's overshadowed by Alan Scott, Hawkman, Starman, Kal-L, etc.

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You'd be surprised to know that Sandman is a founding member of the Justice Society of America. What's more, he's served the USA at a very critical time. He's aided President Franklin D. Roosevelt to protect America's home front and raise spirits for war. He also aided the JSA and stopped Ian Karkull in taking control of the White House. He's a true Patriot in every sense of the word.


Deadshot is one of the greatest DC anti-heroes to be written. Forget about Black Adam, Bane, Batman, and Lobo. It took Will Smith's rendition in 2016's Suicide Squad to introduce him to the mainstream.

If you thought Batman was the only one with "never-again" promise, you are mistaken. Wanting to kill his abusive father, Deadshot missed the aim and ended up shooting his brother. And that's how he resolved to 'Never miss a target again'. From that day on, he worked tirelessly to become the greatest marksman in the world.


A superhero like Atom is a boon to mankind. In this age of energy crisis, think of the potentialities that Captain Atom has. But it's a shame that Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen (his derivative character) stole all his limelight. It pains to see Manhattan get a coveted spot in HBO's Watchmen and have the original character, Captain Atom take the backseat. While in reality, Atom is the first nuclear-powered superhero.

Alan Moore and Gibson based Manhattan on Captain Atom. Captain Atom possesses the ability to utilize the infinite energy rested in him. Atom fanatics have gone to the extent of saying that Doctor Manhattan is Atom from DC Universe, with a changed identity.


Plastic Man didn't shine bright as The Joker, but you would be surprised to know that the two have similar origins. In a theft gone haywire, Patrick O'Brian was accidentally doused in a vat of chemicals. Only he didn't turn into a mental gangster! Serves those joker sympathizers right for excusing his tragedy for loony behavior.

Due credit should be given to Plastic Man for he embraced his pain and used it for the betterment of the society. After his resurrection, he gained shapeshifting ability and a positive mindset. He's achieved some pretty commendable feats, the biggest one: he helped President Roosevelt in foiling a Nazi assassination plan.


When you hear about superhuman speed, durability, strength, and alien, you are immediately reminded of Superman. Introducing: Icon-Arnus, the veteran.

Icon-Arnus is one of the oldest DC characters. Because this one entered the US during the slavery era, he very well understood the ramifications of social justice. Can you say that about Superman, someone who spanked women and killed a pregnant Lois Lane?  Arnus prides himself on being old enough to know that justice is either for everyone or no one.

Arnus has been the U.S Armed Forces. He is otherwise known to be a celebrated lawyer, with an elaborate knowledge of the legal system. Go back to Icon #1 (1993) to read more on this corporate wonder.

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