Catwoman's Michelle Pfeiffer Costume's Comics Origin Is, Well, Interesting


WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Batman #46 by Tom King, Tony S. Daniel, Sandu Florea, and Tomeu Morey, on sale now

When the hapless time traveler Booster Gold decided to give his buddy Batman an It's a Wonderful Life-style wedding gift, it's hard to overstate just how far his plan goes awry. In a story DC is calling "The Gift" but which fans mainly call "Batpoint," Bruce Wayne is a spoiled playboy living in the shadow of his very much alive parents while Batman -- aka Dick Grayson -- wages a one-man war on a city plagued by Jokers.

And then there's Selina Kyle.

In "The Gift" part 2, Tom King and Tony S. Daniel reveal the Batpoint origin of Catwoman, and it's pretty wild. The issue also introduces the Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman suit from Batman Returns into DC continuity, an outfit that arrives with a sad and endearing origin story all its own.

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One year after the events of Batman #45, we find Booster is desperate to set the time stream right. Bruce Wayne has destroyed Booster's robotic friend/time machine Skeets, so now the "Greatest Hero You've Never Heard Of" has to find another way back to his time period... and reality. He lands on the solution of reminding Bruce of the love of his life, Selina Kyle, in the hopes that this will inspire him to team up for a solution.

"It'll never work," he muses, "at least not without a whole bunch of leather! Yeah!"

And so:

In his scattered monologuing, Booster reveals that this world's Ted Kord, his best buddy the Blue Beetle and apparently an excellent seamstress, perished in a mission with "most of the [super] people" against Starro. Selina will have to make due with Booster's subpar sewing skills, resulting in the visible seams and exposed stitching made iconic in the 1992 Tim Burton film.

"You get to look like... that!" Booster exlaims.

There are a number of unanswered questions, and they'll likely remain so. For one, Booster may be overly modest about his sewing skills. While the Batpoint Catwoman outfit may not have the sleek finish all superheroes and villains hope for, it's still impressive that Booster was able to assemble these scraps of leather (from where, exactly?) into a functional, form-fitting costume. And speaking of, did he sew Selina into it? It's unclear how else she may have been able to put it on.

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Of course, by the end of the issue, Booster Gold has bigger problems than a feline-inspired fashion faux pas. In trying to orchestrate a "meet cute" between the Cat and the Bat, Booster instead unleashes carnage and mayhem at Wayne Manor, with Selina brutally murdering Thomas and Martha Wayne and severely wounding Booster himself. As "The Gift" wraps next month in Batman #47, it will be interesting how its resolution affects the prime DCU -- and whether some aspects, like the leather catsuit, might survive.

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