DC Comics Unveils Catwoman's Wedding Dress On Batman #44 Covers

The Bat and the Cat are set to tie the knot this summer, and DC Comics has revealed what wedding dress Catwoman will be wearing for the special occasion on a Joelle Jones illustrated cover for Batman #44. Another cover by Mikel Janin features Bruce Wayne decked out in his wedding day suit as well.

In a story titled "Something Blue" in April's Batman #44, Jones and Janin will split the art duties, with Jones illustrating the Catwoman portion of the story, and Janin the Batman side.

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Batman #44 cover by Joelle Jones
Batman #44 cover by Mikel Janin

Before Gotham City’s costumed power couple makes things official, Batman’s main nemesis, The Joker, will learn about the pair’s planned nuptials. A story in the DC Nation one-shot, due out on May 2 and written by Tom King and illustrated by Clay Mann, will reveal what happens when the Clown Prince of Crime learns the Dark Knight and the DCU’s most skilled cat burglar are set to be married.

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Batman #50, featuring the wedding between Batman and Catwoman, arrives on Wednesday, July 4 from DC Comics.

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