DC Comics Cancels Superwoman Ongoing With Issue #18


Superwoman #18 will be the title's final issue; it will hit stores in January.

Revealed today in DC Comics' solicitations for titles shipping in January 2018, the series' final issue will wrap up K. Perkins, Stephen Segovia and Art Thibert's final story arc "The Midnight Hour." The final issue is schedule to hit stores Jan. 10 and will feature a cover illustrated by the series' original writer and co-artist Phil Jimenez.

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The series is the first all-new title of the Rebirth era to be canceled; by DC Comics. (While All-Star Batman released its final issue in November, the comic has been re-imagined from an ongoing series into a variety of as-yet unannounced new projects.) Though DC has not announced why the series has been canceled, the title is one of DC's lower-selling ongoing comics, though not the lowest. Superwoman #14 ranked 151 on the Direct Market's sales chart, selling an estimated 13,343 copies, while New Superman #15 sold an estimated 12,431 in the same period, for example. The same month, Blue Beetle #13 (another Rebirth-era series) sold 10,879 copies.

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Superwoman launched to much fanfare in 2016 as one of DC Comics' first new series under the Rebirth umbrella. While the original promotion for the series indicated it would tell the story of a superpowered Lois Lane, the title's first issue saw the character die, revealing that Lana Lang was actually the title's intended star. The quick death of Lois removed the character's New 52 incarnation from the DC Universe and, coupled with the death of the New 52 version of Superman, helped set the groundwork for the introduction of the pre-Flashpoint versions of Lois and Clark to the Rebirth era.

Check out the final issue's cover art and full solicitation text below.

  • Written by K. PERKINS
  • Cover by PHIL JIMENEZ
  • Variant cover by EMANUELA LUPACCHINO
  • Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details. Includes a code for a free digital download of this issue.
  • “THE MIDNIGHT HOUR” finale! A day in the life of Superwoman…but someone else is in the driver’s seat! Will Superwoman manage to break her mind free from Midnight’s digital grasp and dispel her twisted protocol once and for all?
  • On sale JANUARY 10 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T • FINAL ISSUE

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