DC Comics Cancels & Shifts Three Digital-First Titles

Since launching its digital initiative over a year ago with "Batman Beyond," DC Comics has built up a robust lineup of digital-first comic series which release via their comiXology App six days a week.

But today in their October solicitations, the publisher signaled some shifts for how multiple digital-first titles will be released, ending some while others forego monthly print releases.

When asked about the "final issue" notices on digital-to-print serials "Ame-Comi Girls," "Arrow" and "Legends of the Dark Knight," a DC representative confirmed that the end to their print releases signaled changes to the line overall. "'Ame-Comi' and "Arrow' digital-first titles have concluded so the print runs are running course based on what's been released digitally to-date," the rep told CBR. "As we announce new Digital First titles like "Batman '66' and this fall's 'Batman: Arkham Origins' you will see existing titles rotate out of the Digital First line-up."

It is presumed that the "Arrow" title will return to the lineup next fall when its TV show inspiration brings new episodes to The CW.

Meanwhile, DC said, "For 'Legends,' the series continues as a Digital First, however we are switching the print format from monthly issues to collected editions."

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