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Brian Michael Bendis' imminent switch from Marvel Comics to DC is definitely one of the biggest comic book coups in quite some time, so it's no surprise fans are so eager to find out what he'll be helming when he makes the move. Since debuting in the mainstream at Marvel in 2000, Bendis evolved into one of modern comics' most high-profile writers. For over 15 years, he's crafted books like Ultimate Spider-Man for a new generation of readers, and stamped his signature on more established icons like Iron Man, Daredevil and even Doctor Doom.

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For his entire Marvel career, Bendis has been a major advocate for diversity in comics, not just in terms of youth and ethnicity as seen with the likes of Miles Morales and Riri Williams, but also in terms of gender, having co-created Jessica Jones before elevating her to an Avenger. He has also scribed major events like House of M, Secret Invasion and Civil War II, and had a major influence over the Marvel television universe, particularly when it comes to the Netflix series. The move from Marvel to DC is quite literally a potential industry game-changer, so we take a stab at predicting where we hope he ends up writing for DC.


Before he got locked into Marvel for over a decade and a half, Bendis did write a Batman story for DC. Drawn by Michael Gaydos, it was a re-imagination of Orson Welles’ classic noir film Citizen Kane, with Bruce Wayne in place of Charles Foster Kane. It was a short story, but resonated with reader, eventually making its way into 2007’s Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told, Volume 2. But that's not the main reason we want to see Bendis on Batman. No, for that, we look at the work he's done on Daredevil and Moon Knight.

Simply put, Bendis knows how to write street-level vigilantes cleaning up their cities. Transposing this dynamic from New York to Gotham, and dealing with the Bat-family, Jim Gordon's team and the thugs that love opposing the Dark Knight shouldn't be hard for him. He also knows about writing a billionaire philanthropist who just so happens to be a superhero, having offered his take on Tony Stark in the Invincible Iron Man comic. With Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo looking at moving on from Batman, Bendis can easily fill the gap, and add his voice to the current chorus that sports Tom King and James Tynion IV.

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Justice League

Bendis knows a thing or two about superhero ensemble books. Following the events of Avengers: Disassembled in 2004, he basically became Mr. Avengers, writing a plethora of titles featuring different incarnations of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. The New Avengers and Mighty Avengers are the main series that come to mind, but he's also shown a predilection for subverting the concept of heroism as witnessed on Dark Avengers, where he had villains like Bullseye and Daken masquerading as heroes.

Justice League Warworld

In Guardians of the Galaxy, he introduced new faces like Stark, Shadowcat and Venom to the team to shake up the established order. In the Ultimate Universe, Bendis worked on a rather different version of the Fantastic Four, thus cementing his ability to write any team, in any environment. This experience and versatility is exactly what want to see involved in crafting new, exciting adventures for DC's premier team -- ambitious Earth-driven stories and larger-than-life cosmic tales alike.

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