10 Best Romances In DC Comics Rebirth Era, Ranked

Romance has defined the lives of many of DC Comics most infamous heroes over the years. Now that the Rebirth era has been in full swing over the last few years, that romance has been stronger than ever. After witnessing several events changing the status quo of many of the DC Heroes, (Dark Nights: Metal, No Justice), holding onto those romances has been a priority for many heroes.

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As the Rebirth era continues to go on and the Year of the Villain threatens to destroy the multiverse, let’s take a look at the brighter side with ten DC Comics Rebirth romances.

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10 Nightwing and Defacer

One of the interesting young romances found in the Rebirth era involved Nightwing and a former foe turned ally, the Defacer. Dick Grayson met Shawn Tsang when he was still Robin in his youth. She was a protege of the villain Pigeon, working as art terrorists who were stopped by Batman and Robin years ago in Gotham.

Now as the two grew up, Shawn left that life behind and restarted in Bludhaven. After some mistrust due to their shared past, sparks began years ago rekindled and soon the two fell in love. Sadly the relationship didn’t last, but was passionate.

9 Aquaman and Mera

One classic and royal relationship that continued into the Rebirth era is Aquaman and Mera, the King and Queen of Atlantis. When the Rebirth era kicked off, Mera was still Arthur’s fiancee, not yet married and a queen. They had a strong relationship, but endured heavy losses as the era grew.

During the Drowned Earth storyline, Arthur fell in battle, leaving Mera not only the Queen of Atlantis but taking his place on the Justice League as well. He would be found without his memories living in a land where sea deities go after passing, trying to recover his memories.

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8 Green Arrow and Black Canary

One classic relationship that found itself restarted in the Rebirth era is that of the Green Arrow and Black Canary. When the two first met in this era they did not get along. Oliver Queen was a rick businessman who fought against corruption and fought for the little guys, but failed to see his wealth still define him, which Black Canary opposed.

However eventually she saw his heart and compassion and strong determination outshone his wealth and ego, and the two began to fall in love. Despite many ups and downs, the two have survived many battles and overcome hardships.

7 Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

One of the most will they/won’t they relationships in the DC Comics Rebirth era has to be Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. While Harley is well known to many fans as the ex-girlfriend of the most popular villain in DC Comics, The Joker, she has since become her own anti-hero, who’s identity has grown thanks to Poison Ivy.

The two have always been close friends, but in recent years their bond has shown to be more romantic and closer than ever. After Ivy was reborn during Heroes in Crisis, the two look to finally explore their feelings.

6 Raven and Kid Flash

One of the more unique relationships to bloom during the Rebirth era has to be that of Kid Flash and Raven of the Teen Titans. While many fans over the years know of the strong bond between Raven and Beast Boy, the early days of the Rebirth era showcased a growing bond between Wally West and Raven.

The two’s mutual attraction has been shown over the Rebirth era, with Raven taking a leap of faith and showing her love by kissing Wally and giving him the courage to save many lives. Whether the relationship grows from there is anyone’s guess.

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5 Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris

One relationship that is not explored quite as much (yet) in the Rebirth era but has been shown to have occurred is that of Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris. Otherwise known as the most iconic and powerful Green Lantern and Star Sapphire, Hal thought about his relationship with Carol often during his own Rebirth era comic book run.

Over the course of his own series, many galactic ending threats and missions involving the afterlife and alternate realities showed him his deepest desire, and that was to have a family and life with Carol. Eventually, they reunite and finally kiss.

4 Barry Allen and Iris West

One of the most influential relationships to the Rebirth era has to be that of Iris West and Barry Allen. Otherwise known as The Flash, Barry is one of the first to become aware of the Rebirth era changes after he rescues and remembers the original Wally West, dragging him out of the time stream and speed force.

With memories flooding back to Barry about his love for Iris, it takes time for him to rekindle things with the Rebirth era Iris. Despite a shock reveal of him as the Flash splitting them up briefly, the two eventually reunite together.

3 Nightwing and Batgirl

While Nightwing already had a spot on this list, it wouldn’t be a true Rebirth era romance list without including his true love in the DC Universe, Barbara Gordon. Nightwing and Batgirl have always been that true love that is never able to get too far off the ground.

Between Nightwing’s work in Bludhaven and Batgirl’s work not only on the Birds of Prey but also in the city of Burnside. The two nearly rekindled their romance, but she was too late as he was already in a relationship. However, their love continues to be focal to Nightwing’s own character.

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2 Superman and Lois Lane

The second most iconic romance in the Rebirth era has to belong to the most iconic comic book couple of all time, Superman and Lois Lane. The Rebirth era is unique for the couple as this Superman is the Superman of the Pre-Flashpoint era, with Lois as his wife and both had a son named Jon.

Eventually they discover the timeline being manipulated by the mysterious Mr. Oz after a battle with Mr. Mxyzptlk shows the alternate timeline manipulations, merging the Pre and Post Flashpoint realities together. This makes their romance truly internal to the Rebirth era stories overall.

1 Batman and Catwoman

Probably the most talked about and beloved romance of the Rebirth era, and the most turbulent, has to be that of Batman and Catwoman. After many events of the Rebirth era forced Bruce to reexamine his life, he managed to prove Catwoman innocent of a heinous crime and force him to admit his love for her.

He proposed to her, and the two spent months in an engagement, making revelations about one another they hadn’t told anyone, and fighting villains together. Catwoman ultimately ended the relationship, afraid their love would destroy Batman, knowing the world would always need Batman whole.

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