DC Comics' Bat-Family Reacts To Robin's Fate In March's Covers

It's only February, and it's already been a tough year for the Bat-family. Batman and his allies barely survived the Joker's return in Scott Snyder's "Death of the Family," and this week saw Grant Morrison script a devastating loss in the pages of "Batman Incorporated" #8 with the death of Damian Wayne. In the wake of Damian's on-panel death, DC Comics has released a first look at new covers for the Bat-family of books, many of which pay tribute to the loss of Damian Wayne, a story that was already making waves, having been leaked two weeks prior to its release. Buzzfeed debuted the majority of the covers, while Newsarama presented the new cover for "Detective Comics" #18, in the process revealing the fallout storyline's title: "Requiem."

While many of the covers pay homage to the latest Robin, some of them seem to have very little to do with Damian's death, like "Catwoman" #18 and the rather odd image gracing the cover of "Red Hood and the Outlaws" #18.

CBR's Greg McElhatton gave "Batman Incorporated" #8 4.5 stars, calling the issue "an elegantly constructed comic, one that brings you so much joy and fun before everything comes crashing down." The issue marks the beginning of the end for Morrison's epic run with Batman as he wraps up "Batman Incorporated" with issue #12.

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