Justice League of America: Aztek to Make Rebirth Debut

Aztek will will make Rebirth debut in DC Comics' Justice League of America.

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Write Steve Orlando made the announcement today at New York Comic Con during the "DC Universe" panel, where he mentioned the return of supervillain Prometheus and the debut of Afterthought, before bringing up an appearance by Aztek.

Introduced in 1996 in Aztek, The Ultimate Man #1, by Grant Morrison, Mark Millar and N. Steven Harris, the hero was trained since childhood by a secret society and equipped with a magical suit of armor to battle the Aztec god Tezcatlipoca and prevent the end of the world.

HIs solo title was canceled after 10 issues, but Morrison incorporated the character into JLA during the "World War III" storyline that culminated in Aztek sacrificing himself to help save Earth.

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The title has been fondly remembered by fans, but the superhero hasn't been seen in comics for years. Aztek did appear in several episodes of Justice League Unlimited as a background character, though.

Orlando has seemingly been hinting at the character's return for months now. He introduced Aztek's stomping grounds of Vanity City as the hometown of The Ray in Justice League of America.

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