DC Comics' August Highlights: Rebirth Rolls on With "Harley Quinn," "All-Star Batman" and More

By the time August arrives, we'll be well into DC Comics' Rebirth initiative, which continues to introduce new titles, new creators and new plotlines. The recently unveiled August solicitations include 15 new #1s, as well as a number of annuals for popular series that will continue beyond the New 52, like "Justice League of America," "Earth 2: Society," "Gotham Academy" and "DC Comics Bombshells."

SPOILERS: "DC Universe: Rebirth's" Biggest Revelations

It's never easy to narrow down which comics you want to bring home, so CBR has put together this handy guide of some of the must-get titles from the third month of DC's Rebirth.

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #1

Writer: Julie Benson and Shawna BensonArtist: Claire Roe

"Batgirl" enjoyed a big bounce with a soft relaunch mid-New 52 by Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr. For Rebirth, DC has tapped screenwriting sisters Shawna and Julie Benson, who most recently co-wrote an episode "The 100," as the series writers. That may be a strong indication that Batgirl is now considered an A-lister by DC Entertainment. The Bensons are joined by artist Claire Roe, who crushed her mainstream-comics debut last year with a short story in "Vertigo Quarterly: SFX" #3 written by Robbie Thompson ("Silk"). The Batgirl team isn't wasting anytime either, as the opening arc follows Batgirl, Black Canary and Huntress as they attempt to learn the secret identity of the new Oracle. Or in the very least, who has stolen her name.

Harley Quinn #1

Writers: Amanda Conner and Jimmy PalmiottiArtist: Chad Hardin

It's Harley Quinn's (crazy) world, and we're just living it. Seriously, Harley is all over this month's solicitations - for those keep tracking at home, she appears 32 times - and she's headlining three ongoing series, including this one that ships twice a month. (In case you missed it, Warner Bros. is reportedly developing Harley Quinn-led ensemble movie too, based on early response to "Suicide Squad.") If Batgirl is now an A-lister, it may be high time to reconfigure the Trinity as a Quaternity, with Harley standing tall alongside Superman, Batman and Wonder. Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Chad Hardin know this character and made her the breakout star of the New 52. They're starting Rebirth right where they left off, with all-out zombie apocalypse spreading on Coney Island -- and Harley smack-dab in the middle of it. What's not to love?

Superwoman #1

Writer: Phil JimenezArtists: Phil Jimenez and Matt Santorelli

Did anyone else notice these first three series all feature strong female leads? The comic book fan base is changing, and DC Comics has definitely noticed. Not only are we getting a Chinese Super-Man from Gene Yang, but we'll also see "Superwoman," starring a super-powered Lois Lane! Fan-favorite creator Phil Jimenez is writing the series and sharing art duties with Matt Santorelli. Following Jimenez's incredible run on "Wonder Woman," from 2000 to 2003, we're anticipating the same level of wonder for these adventures of Lois Lane as she struggles with her newfound powers while facing Ultra Woman, whom we hope is somehow tied to the original Superwoman from the Crime Syndicate of America.

All-Star Batman #1

Writer: Scott SnyderArtist: John Romita Jr., Danny Miki and Declan Shalvey

Superstar writer Scott Snyder recently revealed that he's weight training with his "All-Star Batman" collaborator, John Romita Jr. With the heavyweight creative team pumping iron, we're expecting this new series to burst out of the page - literally. JRJR's bombastic art style is a perfect match for Snyder's action-packed, quick-turning storytelling, and with the first arc showcasing a complete reimagining of Two-Face, everything's in place for this to become a top-selling series for DC. Snyder's epic run on "Batman" ended on a high note, with no signs that he had run out of things to say, and do, with the Dark Knight. So, we're expecting this new chapter to debut in full bloom!

The Hellblazer #1

Writer: Simon OliverArtist: Moritat

Let's be honest: We'd be jazzed about John Constantine and Swamp Thing reimagined as a Danny DeVito/Arnold Schwarzenegger-inspired Wonder Twins for Rebirth, so the fact that they are sharing panels and pages in "The Hellblazer" by Simon Oliver and Moritat is a gimme. Oliver is a Vertigo veteran and knows Constantine well, and one need look no further than Moritat's work on the super-surreal "Elephantmen" to know the art is going to be supernaturally sensational. If that's not enough to get you engaged, did we mention "The Hellblazer" #1 features a variant cover by John Cassaday? We didn't? Well, there, we just did.

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