DC Comics' Aquaman 'Reboots' Mera Ahead of Her Solo Comic Launch

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Aquaman #33 by Dan Abnett and Riccardo Federici, in stores now.

In the Aquaman comic, the Kingdom of Atlantis is in the midst of an uprising. The evil king Corum Rath's devious rule has led to the creation of a rebellion force, and none other than Arthur Curry himself, the Aquaman, is leading the charge. However, he's doing this not to reclaim his throne, but simply to free Atlantis from the grasp of a madman. Instead, the Silent Sisterhood has much different plans as to whom should rule the underwater city. To them, there is only one person who can rightfully and correctly rule Atlantis: Mera.

Aquaman's red-haired wife has surged in popularity over the past few years, seeing an increased focus that is leading to her very first solo miniseries, Mera: Queen of Atlantis, by Dan Abnett and Lan Medina. The latest issue of Aquaman, #33, which sees Aquaman and his rebellion attempt to overthrow Rath's rule, sets the very groundwork for Mera's spinoff, which kicks off Feb. 28.

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Currently, Mera is in a bit of a spell. In order to ascertain his control over Atlantis, Corum Rath used old magics from the Silent School to summon the Crown of Thorns, a barrier surrounding the entire city. As a result, no one can go in, and no one can go out. Mera, who was outside of Atlantis when the barrier was first raised, had no choice but to try and find a way to get back inside. To help her in this endeavor, she enlisted the help of the Teen Titan Tempest, who once studied magic with the Silent School. Thanks to his help, Mera was able to get through the barrier, but this came at a cost: she lost her ability to breathe underwater.

Thanks to a few friends, Mera was kept alive in an air-breathing contraption, but proved to be a temporary solution. When we find Mera in issue #33, she is dying, and she hasn't got long. She needs to be transported to the surface world, but a magical barrier stands in the way. Thankfully, Aquaman's efforts are not in vain. With the help of his fellow rebel fighters, he is able to destroy the Crown of Thorns. As soon as this is done, the Silent Sisterhood turn a quick ceremony to name Mera the new Queen of Atlantis. Then, Arthur rapidly whisks her away and back to the surface, to Amnesty Bay.

Out of the water, Mera is safe. Here, Arthur tells her that the spell that prevents her from breathing underwater will eventually fade away, although he doesn't exactly know how long it will take. Until then, she is landlocked, but she is still the once and future Queen of Atlantis. She has a fight ahead of her, and she has a throne to claim and, thanks to the editor's note, we're told that this very fight will take place in her solo series, Mera: Queen of Atlantis.

Now, we know the full truth about Mera's spinoff series. It will take place on the surface world, where she will fight for her throne from the outside. Until the spell that has befallen her is lifted, this Queen will be without a kingdom. But sooner or later, she will make her grand return to Atlantis.

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