DC Announces Wonder Woman, Justice League Dark Crossover

The breaking of the Source Wall in Dark Nights: Metal has unleashed new threats in the DC Universe, with magic being one of the forces affected by the event. This will lead to the formation of Justice League Dark under the leadership of Wonder Woman, with the team's first issue arriving July 25.

Come October, Wonder Woman and Justice League will crossover in what's being billed as a horror story arc titled “The Witching Hour," which finds the superheroes facing off against the witch goddess Hecate.

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“The magical side of DC Universe has fans like me who know these strange characters backwards and forwards, but to do a horror story you need to center it on people who still have things to discover, where it’s still a mystery to them,” Justice League Dark writer James Tynion IV told Entertainment Weekly. “The idea of creating a situation that would make Diana afraid, when you know how fearless and powerful she is, that makes it scary and makes the fear real to the reader.”

It's also revealed that Hecate has stored her magical power inside Wonder Woman's body, which will understandably make the Amazon warrior uneasy as she's pulled deeper into this mystical world.

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“Obviously there’s a magic side of divinity, but magic itself, as a force of nature, is something she’s never really thought of herself as a part of. We’ll see that there have been forces in the dark watching her and marking her to be more involved in this world,” Tynion said. “That’s not something she’s going to be particularly thrilled about, and it’s not something some other figures in her mythology will be thrilled about. Getting to tell a real, powerful Wonder Woman story is a real honor and comes with tremendous weight.”

DC's resident magic expert, Zatanna, will play a key role in Justice League Dark as one of the only heroes who finds value in working together to unravel the mystery of what exactly is happening to magic in the universe.

“One of the big story threads in the wake of No Justice is that magic is sort of in chaos. Magic isn’t working the way it’s supposed to, and a huge secret among the magic community is starting to come to surface,” Tynion added. “As she’s building this team, Diana is reaching out to the major players of magic, and they’re saying ‘no, we’re not gonna team up with Justice League, we’ll handle this ourselves.’ Zatanna is the one who says ‘no, we can’t wall ourselves off, because that’s how magic is going to die. We need to connect with Diana and the Justice League, we need to solve this with them because otherwise there’s no hope.’ Zatanna is really the touchstone to the deep magical history of the DC Universe, from her father Zatara to her relationship with John Constantine. She was raised in that magical community, she knows all the major players and they have known her since she was a child, but she’s going to learn things about what she was meant to be that will really shake her to her core. She’s the veteran on the team, the magic veteran.”

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"The Witching Hour" three-part crossover in October will consist of Wonder Woman and the Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour #1, Justice League Dark #4, and Wonder Woman #58.

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