DC Comics Announces "Omega Men" to Continue Until At Least Issue #12

DC Comics' "Omega Men" live on: The series will continue through at least issue #12, as announced by DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee on Twitter. The series, written by Tom King and illustrated by Barnaby Bagenda, was announced earlier this week as ending in December with issue #7.

"In talking to Dan DiDidio, we'll continue 'Omega Men' until [at] least issue #12 because of the fans," Lee wrote. DiDio added, "Folks were right, we promised 12 issues and we will keep that commitment." The official DC Comics Twitter page repeated the news, and shared a new page from the series:

"The Omega Men" debuted in June as part of DC's "DC You" initiative emphasizing greater diversity in storytelling, characters and creators. The series was a critical standout and also grew a vocal fanbase, buoyed by initial buzz surrounding the teased death of former Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. In a CBR poll this week asking "Which of DC Comics' five series ending in December will you miss the most," "Omega Men" has received 41.6 percent of the vote, outdistancing the No. 2 option, "Justice League United," by nearly 17 percent.

"Lobo," "Justice League United" and "Gotham By Midnight" are each slated to end in December. "Doomed" is scheduled to end its run in November.

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