DC Comics Announces New "Minx" Imprint

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As the end of the year comes upon us, you might expect the comic book companies to be saving their big news for January & beyond, but as the "New York Times" reported yesterday, that's certainly not DC Comics' plan! The behemoth of a comic book company has announced a new imprint entitled "Minx," targeted at female readers who may not be attracted to superheroes or manga, but whom have interest in the medium of comic books. Minx launches in May.

"It's time we got teenage girls reading comics," said Karen Berger, a senior vice president at DC Comics, told the "Times."

Lest some fans worry that this simply means more romance comics, Berger asserted that the books are, "about more than going out with the cute guy. This line of books gives them something to read that honors that intelligence and assertiveness and that individuality."

The announced line up of books includes:

  • "Clubbing," by Andi Watson and Josh Howard
  • "Re-Gifters," by Mike Carey, Marc Hempel, and Sonny Liew
  • "Good as Lily," by Derek Kirk Kim and Jesse Hamm
  • "The P.L.A.I.N. Janes," by Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg.

While some fans may remember that the "CMX" line of manga titles was launched with a similar initiative, the "Times" article specifically mention a different marketing approach for the Minx titles, with a marketing budget of $125,000. The diversity of creators involved in this project also makes it quite different from similar ventures by DC and other companies. Priced under $10 and with roughly 150 pages per volume, Minx certainly appears to have already inspired quite a bit of positive discussion online and that itself is likely quite encouraging to DC.

The first release from Minx will be "P.L.A.I.N Janes," described as, "It tells the story of Jane, a transfer student in a suburban high school who starts a campaign, 'People Loving Art in Neighborhoods.' It's a call to appreciate the everyday world that comes to involve everything from protesting the construction of a new mall to encouraging pet adoptions from animal shelters."

Stay tuned to CBR News for more on this new imprint and interviews with the creators.

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