DC Comics Announces New Contents for "Action Comics" #848, Plus a Double-Ship in May

Official Press Release

ACTION COMICS #848, previously scheduled to feature part 4 of the story "Last Son" in 3-D, will have new contents when it arrives in stores in March.

ACTION COMICS #848 (JAN070267) now will feature part 1 of the 2-part story "Redemption," written by Fabian Nicieza with art by Allan Goldman & Ron Randall and a cover by Brad Walker & Robin Riggs.   In this issue, Superman must travel the world from the wilds of Colorado to the plains of Africa to battle an uncontrollable power with an unbelievable source!

Orders for ACTION COMICS #848 (JAN070267) may be adjusted through its Final Order Cutoff date of April 5, and is scheduled to arrive in stores on April 25.

"Redemption" concludes in ACTION COMICS #849 (MAR070181), written by Nicieza with art by Goldman & Randall and a cover by Walker & Riggs, solicited in the March Previews (Volume XVII #3) and scheduled to arrive in stores in May.   In this issue, mankind's savior is about to become mankind's doom!   The real control behind the power has been revealed, and Superman will need help from an unexpected place in order to stop a being who only gets stronger and more violent!

Also in May, ACTION COMICS #850 (MAR070182) will be a special 48-page issue written by Kurt Busiek, Geoff Johns and Fabian Nicieza and illustrated by Renato Guedes.   Supergirl's looking for a way back from the future - and the real reason Superman doesn't want her to wear the "S" shield.   But both Superman and Supergirl are in for a big surprise when they see what the past has in store!   This issue also includes time-viewing sneak peaks at the upcoming year's events in both ACTION COMICS and SUPERMAN

Part 4 of "Last Son" has been rescheduled to appear in ACTION COMICS #851, coming in June.   Please note that the ACTION COMICS #848 3-D EDITION (JAN070268) has been cancelled.

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