DC Comics Announces Michael Turner Variants For "Supergirl #2-4"

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Official Press Release

DC Comics announces that superstar artist Michael Turner continues contributing to the return of the Girl of Steel with variant covers for "Supergirl #2-4!" The covers will be shipped to retailers in a 50/50 split between Turner covers and covers by regular series artists Ian Churchill & Norm Rapmund.

"I'm just as surprised as everyone who is reading this that Michael is continuing to give our book a boost with his gorgeous covers," says writer Jeph Loeb. "DC has clearly gotten behind 'Supergirl' to create enormous excitement. Both Ian and Mike are doing dazzling things and as we all know, launching a new title is very daunting - particularly with a female lead. It's not about sales; for me it's never about sales. It's about our team: myself, (Group Editor) Eddie Berganza, Ian, Mike, Norm Rapmund, Richard Starkings and the brilliance of the Aspen color crew, all working our tails off to create the best book we can. It is very, very rewarding knowing that the maximum number of new readers and longtime fans can enjoy these new adventures of the Girl of Steel!"

"The new 'Supergirl' got off to a very strong start, and having covers by Michael Turner will help maintain the series' momentum," says Bob Wayne, DC's VP - Sales. "Retailers should increase their orders on upcoming issues now to make sure they have enough copies for all their customers."

Upcoming issues of "Supergirl" are available as follows:

• "Supergirl #2" (JUL050209) is available for advance reorder and is scheduled to arrive in stores on September 14.

• "Supergirl #3" (AUG050199) is solicited in the August Previews (Volume XV #8) and is scheduled to arrive in stores on October 12.

"Supergirl #4" will be solicited in the September Previews (Volume XV #9) for November in-store.

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