DC Comics Adds Half-Page Ads to Story Pages

Upcoming releases from DC Comics will see half-page add for Twix sharing space with story pages, as first confirmed by artist Chris Burnham Thursday night on Twitter. In a series of since-deleted tweets, Burnham shared images from a DC comic scheduled for release this coming Wednesday, June 3, showing a pair of Twix ads starring TV personality Nick Lachey on facing pages. The Beat spotted the tweets before deletion.

CBR has reached out for comment from DC Comics on the ads.

An advertisement sharing space with story content may be jarring to current audiences, but was fairly commonplace in comic books from decades past. Bleeding Cool first reported the ads were happening last week, stating that artists were informed that one of their pages would be split in half for the individual issue edition, and then run as a single page in a collected edition. In a subsequent update, The Beat reported that the half-page ads are scheduled to run only through June -- a month where DC is launching dozens of high-profile new series and story arcs, under "DC You" branding -- and is limited to the specific Twix campaign (which highlights the "left" and "right" bars of the candy), with no further half-page ads currently booked.

News of the ads quickly drew a response on social media, both from fans and professionals unhappy with the format as well as observers musing on the inherent absurdity of a candy ad featuring a former 98 Degrees member sharing space with DC superheroes.

This is bad. RT @cosmicbooknews: DC Comics Ad Split Pages Confirmed #twix #lol http://t.co/Sgu281cRmW pic.twitter.com/yD4olBqagn

- robertliefeld (@robertliefeld) May 29, 2015

Got my post Convergence DC comp today. a Lot's of Great Beauty, but i'm not sure I'll willingly eat a Twix for a while :( #Ad-pocapilps

- Yanick Paquette (@YanickPaquette) May 28, 2015

these half-page Twix ads DC is running. :

- Sophie Campbell (@mooncalfe1) May 29, 2015

Dear @Twix, Because of your choice to participate in @DCComics half page ad layout nonsense, I'm not buying Twix. pic.twitter.com/rMK7Gsudrx

- Amanda (@Scoop_adw) May 29, 2015

Uh those aren't ads in the DC books guys. Here's a shot from the script for Batgirl 41 pic.twitter.com/amCjWfpJev

— Cameron Stewart (@cameronMstewart) May 29, 2015

Nick Lachey's Top 4 Most Iconic Moments in DC Comics History: #twixlachey pic.twitter.com/n9jEcitIAV

- Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) May 29, 2015

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