Lex Luthor Vs. Mr. Oz, Negative Flash Debuts in DC's August Highlights


Check out DC Comics' full solicitations for August 2017 here.

There's a lot of big stuff coming from DC Comics in the months ahead, but things really kick off in earnest this August when Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo re-team for one more Batman-centric tale. Dark Nights: Metal kicks off in the fall, with Snyder promising fans of his and Capullo's past collaboration, "it’s going to be fun. Even with terror and nightmares, it won’t be grim." The six-issue event series arrives with a $4.99 first issue, bringing with it the Dark Multiverse and "threats unlike any our world has ever seen."

Meanwhile, the Rebirth era rolls on, and Action Comics' solicitations tease some huge developments on that reality-altering front. In Action #986, we're promised that "Mr. Oz makes his final move against" Superman, while in Issue #987, Lex Luthor will come face to face with Oz. Of course, those of us who have been following Rebirth know that the true dentist of Mr. Oz remains a major mystery, so the implication that we might learn who he truly is ahead of the arrival of November's Doomsday Clock event series is a massive one. The additional tease that "one walks away changed forever" after their confrontation may not bode well for fans who have come to love the idea of Lex as a genuine superhero, though.

Meanwhile, across the rest of the DC Universe...

  • Batgirl #14 teases the re-igniting of Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson's romance. You could almost write it off as a sure thing that Dick will return to Blüdhaven and Shawn Tsang, his current girlfriend, but the final line in the issue's solicitation copy hypes it as "an event no Batgirl or Nightwing fan will want to miss," indicating some major changes may be headed their way.
  • We've already seen what happens when Barry Allen runs into Reverse-Flash, but August will see the introduction of Negative-Flash, aka the Flash with an all-new set of powers that apparently turn him into his own worst enemy. Barry breaks bad, and the Rogues get even badder in The Flash #28 and 29.
  • Tim Seeley and Jesus Merino are the new creative team on The Hellblazer, taking over with Issue #13.
  • In Justice League of America, we'll finally learn what happened to Ray Palmer in DC Universe: Rebirth as current Atom and JLA member Ryan Choi leads his team into the Microverse on a rescue mission for his missing mentor.

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