DC collects Powerpuff Girls and others in digest-sized format

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Starting in September, the world-famous characters from Warner Bros. Entertainment and the Cartoon Network, will star in a new series of digest-sized (5 1/8" x 7 9/16") trade paperbacks. The line kicks off that month with two 112-page volumes spotlighting The Powerpuff Girls.

"One of the key things we learned when we conducted our saturation test last year is that there's more interest in all-ages material than anyone knew," says Bob Wayne, DC's VP - Sales & Marketing. "By collecting stories starring the most popular animated characters in the world in this attractive format, we continue to reach out to new readers."

THE POWERPUFF GIRLS VOLUME 1: TITANS OF TOWNSVILLE (collecting THE POWERPUFF GIRLS #1-5), written by Jennifer Moore, Sean Carolan, and Abby Denson with art by Phil Moy, Dan Fraga, Stephanie Gladden and Mike DeCarlo and a cover by Craig McCracken and Mike DeCarlo, includes the stories "Squirrelly Burly," "Buttercup's Boyfriend," "Power Play," "Video Main," and "Holy Molar!"

THE POWERPUFF GIRLS VOLUME 2: GO, GIRLS, GO! (collecting issues #6-10), written by John Rozum, Chuck Kim, Chris Savino, Abby Denson, Moore and Carolan with art by Ricardo Garcia Fuentes, Mike Manley, Cynthia Morrow, Moy and DeCarlo with a cover by Moy, includes the stories "Dial 'M' for Mojo!", "Remote Controlled," "Mayor, May I?", "Creature at Large," and "Rogue Clowns."

Upcoming months will draw from such perennial favorite series as SCOOBY-DOO, JUSTICE LEAGUE ADVENTURES, CARTOON NETWORK PRESENTS, and others.

THE POWERPUFF GIRLS VOLUME 1: TITANS OF TOWNSVILLE and THE POWERPUFF GIRLS VOLUME 2: GO, GIRLS, GO! is solicited in the July issue of Previews (Volume XIII #7) and are scheduled to arrive in stores on September 10 with a cover price of $6.95 U.S.

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