DC Collectibles' Deluxe Justice League Perfectly Channel the Timmverse

There's no denying the appeal of DC Collectibles' new deluxe figures based on the beloved Justice League animated series. Available exclusively through the just-launched DC Universe, the line embodies the iconic Bruce Timm designs millions of viewers fell in love with, and recreates his distinctive style in three dimensions.

Although we were only able to review six of the eight figures (The Flash and Superman weren't ready for shipping), every one is a near-perfect recreation of the on-screen depictions. The attention to detail is impressive; not only are the League's costumes perfectly represented, you can even see the heroes' individual personalities in the facial sculpts. Batman and Aqumana are suitably grim, while Wonder Woman has just a slight hint of a smile. They do all share one odd detail, however: While there are no accessories included, each figure's left hand is molded to hold some sort of item, with the exception of Aquaman, who comes with a harpoon hand -- apparently a last-minute change, as even the packaging shows him with two fists.

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The figures are designed at :12/6inch scale, just like DC Collectibles’ Batman: The Animated Series action figures. Hawkgirl is the shortest (5.67 inches), and Martian Manhunter the largest (6.5 inches), but they all tower over the original line Mattel released in the mid-2000s. This larger size allows the sculptor to pay extra attention to detail, ensuring the highest possible fidelity to Timm's designs.



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Unfortunately, that dedication is also problematic in one way: Due to the combination of the male heroes' barrel chests and tiny feet, and the impressive weight of each figure, characters like Martian Manhunter and Aquaman have a tendency to topple easily. While they feature more than a dozen points of articulation, the ankle joints prove too loose to support some of the larger figures, even when posed in wide-legged stances that should counter their top-heavy nature. This issue can be remedied by use of a stand, of course, but it's a shame to have to mar the characters' clean lines with extraneous detail, and it may be a deal-breaker for fans who prefer to display their heroes and villain while locked in battle rather than standing straight up.

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DC Collectibles' Justice League animated series line of figures are available to purchase online from DC Universe. The figures retail for $28 each, and while that's an admittedly hefty price tag, for serious collectors, they're worth it. And, if you're planning on getting the entire line, DC is offering all eight figures as a set, including The Flash and Superman, for $194.

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