DC’s Death Statue Full of Endless Details for Sandman Fans

Stanley "Artgerm" Lau looks to close out his run as the artist behind DC Collectibles' "Cover Girls" line of statues with a celebration of life and death -- all in one piece.

The DC Collectibles statues, which previously included Lau's take on characters such as Raven and Zatanna, debuts a more historical take on Death, available this month. The classic Vertigo character known for her fan-favorite role in the Neil Gaiman-written Sandman as well as her own limited series in the '90s -- Death: The High Cost Of Living and Death: The Time of Your Life -- looks positively Victorian in this presentation.

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Sculpted by Karen Palinko, standing approximately 10.38 inches tall and limited to 5,000 pieces, this entry in the series is perfect for just about any fan of Death. Lau and Palinko brilliantly capture the surprising joy and light that Neil Gaiman and his many artistic collaborators imbued the character with in the comics, while offering plenty of nice details to pour over.

From her pale white face and hands down to her heeled boots, Death here sports more than a few impressive points of interest. Her hat not only features a feather, but also a tiny skull-topped hat pin while her high-necked dress features an ankh at the throat and appropriate ruffles flowing down from there.

As you can see in the photos, Death also opted for a corset to fit in with the times. You can actually see the laces on the back of the statue as well as the dress's bustle and a long bow. And of course, the less-than-lively roses in her hand add a nice touch to the piece as a whole.

Frankly, if you had to meet an embodiment of Death, you'd want her to look like this instead of one of the creepier, hooded, scythe-wielding variety. If you want to add this Death statue to your collection, the MSRP is $100. So, if you're a fan yourself or have one in your life, the Cover Girls Death statue makes an excellent purchase.

While this piece does mark the end of Artgerm's time as the artistic inspiration for the Cover Girls series, the line itself will continue -- with Joëlle Jones taking over. Her version of Harley Quinn hits in March.

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