DC Collectibles Launches Line of Hyper-Detailed Bat-Cowl Replicas

DC Collectibles kicked off New York Comic Con with a bang, unveiling a new line of super-detailed Bat-cowls. The series brings some of Batman's most iconic masks to three-dimensional life, starting with his Rebirth-era cowl (sculpted by Alejandro Pereira), which is already available to pre-order.

Next in the line will be his cowl from the massively popular Arkham Asylum video games (sculpted by Dave Cortes and Amos Hemsley), which is also immediately available for pre-order. Both cowls recreate Batman's mask in a 1:2 scale, and will be released with an MSRP for $90.00 US.

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“In some instances, like the Bat-cowl, the accessories of the DC Universe are just as iconic as the characters,” Jim Fletcher, executive creative director of DC Collectibles, said in a statement. “Our DC Gallery line makes these popular accessories the star of the piece and offers something new and different for collectors to display on their shelves. The new Bat-cowl line pays tribute to the Dark Knight’s different looks throughout his nearly 80-year history. Every fan has a favorite Batman, and our goal is to bring to life as many incarnations of the Caped Crusader’s signature cowl as we can, whether it be from comics or another source.”

DC Collectibles' Rebirth Bat-cowl arrives in stores in May 2019; the Arkham Asylum Bat-cowl is slated to debut in April 2019.

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