DC Collectibles Debuts Batcave, Super Sons Two-Pack and More

As Toy Fair kicks off today in New York City, we get a good look at upcoming releases from DC Collectibles, including new entries in its Batman: The Animated Series, DC Icons and Bombshells lines.

We've already showcased the movie-accurate "Justice League" statues of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg, not the least of which are the DC Icons "Super Sons" two-pack featuring Superboy and Robin, and the "Batman: The Animated Series" Batcave with Bat-Computer vignette and Alfred Pennyworth figure.

There are also new Batman: Black & White statues from Amanda Conner, John Romita Jr. and Jonathan Matthews, "Wonder Woman" movie statues, a Bat-Signal prop, and a Doomsday vs. Superman: Death of Superman action figure two-pack. However, those are only for starters. You can seen a rundown of products below.

Batman: Black & White Statues:

  • Batman by Amanda Conner
  • Harley Quinn by Amanda Conner
  • Batman by John Romita Jr.
  • Batman by Jonathan Matthews

DC Comics Statues:

  • Batman vs Harley Quinn Battle Statue
  • Harley Red, White & Black Harley Quinn By Stanley “Artgerm” Lau
  • DC Cover Girls Death by Stanley Lau

Batman: The Animated Series:

  • Batman The Animated Series Batcave with Bat-Computer Vignette and Alfred Pennyworth Action Figure

DC Bombshells:

  • DC Designer Series by Ant Lucia 6.75’’ Action Figures: Mera, Katana, Batgirl, Hawkgirl, Supergirl, Bumblebee
  • Harley Quinn Deluxe 12’’ Statue
  • Starfire 12’’ Statue

DC Icons 6-inch Action Figures:

  • Supergirl- Rebirth
  • Robin & Superboy (SUPER SONS) – Rebirth Action Figure 2-Pack
  • Doomsday vs Superman- Death Of Superman Action Figure 2-Pack
  • Nightwing- Hush


  • Batman – Bat Signal


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