25 DC Characters That Are More Powerful Than Thanos

When we talk about the MCU blockbuster, Avengers: Infinity War, we cannot fail but mention the wrecking ball that was Thanos, and his infinity gauntlet of course. For the very first time, earth’s mightiest heroes, The Avengers, look to have met their match. All their powers, tech and a snarky Star-Lord were not powerful enough to stop Thanos’ crusade to save the universe. Fingers crossed for Captain Marvel. The superheroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can appear to be underpowered compared to other superheroes. This isn't a knock on Captain America or Iron Man or the rest, but they don't compare characters from other franchises. If characters from other universes happened to show up in Infinity War, we think the fight against Thanos would have ended a tad differently. In fact, some wouldn't even need the support of the Avengers and could take the Mad Titan out all on their own.

Granted, Thanos is not an easy walk over. Without the Infinity Gauntlet, he is as strong or stronger than Thor with fair speed to match, he is pretty much indestructible, and has scientific knowledge greater than anyone on Earth, which in turn makes him a master strategist. He also has access to cosmic power which he can use to release blasts from his hands and eyes. With the Infinity Gauntlet, however, he can manipulate all of reality, time, space and the minds and souls of others. He looks pretty unbeatable, right? Wrong! Here is a list of 25 characters from Marvel’s arch enemies, DC, which can very well handle the threat that is Thanos.

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Doomsday ended Superman once upon a time ago, that’s reason enough to believe he’d obliterate Thanos as well. Also, add the fact that Doomsday can never permanently die. Every time he comes back to life, he does so within seconds and can come back bigger and stronger than ever. Doomsday does not have any goals, dreams, or aspirations.

He simply is an unstoppable killing machine looking to destroy everything and everyone in his path until there is nothing left. Thanos, on the other hand, can die and gets distracted by dreams of getting the Gauntlet, so he’s at a disadvantage. All Doomsday would have to do is just pound down on Thanos. Simple.


Based on the DC character Captain Atom, Doctor Manhattan is one of DC’s most powerful characters. After nuclear physicist Dr. Jonathan Osterman suffered an accident where his body was disintegrated by an intrinsic field generator, he attained god-like abilities and was able to reanimate himself at will.

This same being can travel across dimensions, teleport wherever he wants to in the universe, and disintegrate someone with a wave of his finger. If he himself were disintegrated, he can just reconstruct himself in a matter of seconds as if nothing happened. He is completely impervious to all harm. With or without the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos doesn’t stand a chance.


Superman has often been considered to be the most overpowered superhero in the history of DC Comics, and arguably fiction. He has just enough power to defeat Thanos by himself. The only thing that could possibly hold him back would be his sense of duty, justice, and his “no killing” rule.

That is when the Injustice version of Superman would come in handy. He is a ruthless, unmitigated dictator in the Injustice universe. This version of Superman never hesitated to end a mere mortal like The Joker in cold blood, imagine what he would do to Thanos, a guy who would actually put up a fight.


Do you want to talk reality-warping? Then you have to talk about the Specter; DC Comics' cosmic, mystical, metaphysical judge. To put the Specter's power bluntly, he has the abilities of a god, though they are limited to his duties as a judging spirit.

However, it's not far-fetched that The Specter would be assigned to rid the multi-verse of Thanos, which would, in turn, grant him all the power needed to do so. Since the Specter is given all the powers, abilities and tools needed to complete a task assigned to him, he would have everything to defeat Thanos.


Obviously, in a toe-to-toe confrontation, Mr. Myxlplyx would get squished quickly in a game of fisticuffs with Thanos, but Mr. Myxlplyx is not the type — he doesn’t have to. Not when he has the power to manipulate space, reality, and time to his every whim.

With abilities like that, he never has to lift a finger for anyone or anything. He can just roll Thanos into a puffy little ball and play racquetball with him. Mr. Myxlplyx has used his wacky world-bending abilities to get the best out of some of the best that DC Comics has to offer, particularly guys like Superman and Batman.



Parallax was always a scary and formidable foe to the Justice League. Ever since it was created at the very beginning of time, Parallax has conquered and destroyed plenty of worlds by feeding off the fear of its inhabitants.

In a nutshell, Parallax is what you would get if supervillain Scarecrow was an almighty monster. Parallax doesn’t only project fear to destroy his enemies, he can also use their fear to possess them and take control of their bodies. All Parallax has to do is scare Thanos, and he is ripe for the taking. Literally.


Everybody knows that The Joker on his own merits would get snapped in half by Thanos on any given day, but Emperor Joker is not just any ol’ Joker. Curious as to what would happen if he gave his powers to a human, Mr. Myxlplyx chose The Joker as a subject. He meant to give Joker only 1% of his abilities, but Joker outsmarted Myxlplyx and took 99% instead.

Even without 100% of Myxlplyx’s abilities, Joker was able to eat an entire country (China) and knock out Superman. Imagine what Emperor Joker could do to Thanos if given just five minutes alone with the Mad Titan. Knowing Joker, he’ll finish him off slowly and painfully.


As a character with all of the knowledge in the universe, Brainiac can predict his opponent’s moves before his opponent even thinks about what to do next. The thing about Brainiac that usually gives him an edge in a fight is that he never actually has to physically fight with anybody if he doesn’t want to.

He can just sit back, relax in his force field surrounding him, and watch his foes struggle as he uses crafty tricks like astral projection, telekinesis, and energy projection against them. And don’t let his appearance deceive you. Brainiac has super strength capable of helping him hold his own in a fight with anyone, even Superman.


Over the years, Despero’s powers have evolved from being downright cheesy to outright scary. The guy can grow in size to exponential heights and build up superhuman strength. Not only that, but thanks to his psychic abilities, he is capable of possessing the bodies of his rivals. During combat, he can use his third eye to read their minds and know their strategy before they act on it.

And if the odds are ever out of his favor, Despero can regenerate whenever he gets beaten or destroyed. Meaning that in a fist-to-fist situation with Thanos, all Despero has to do is read Thanos’ mind and wait for him to slip up.


Green Lantern certainly has the power to defeat Thanos. We know that they have a cosmic power that Thanos cannot defeat. Green Lantern’s powers come from the Guardians of the Universe. They seem to be all-knowing, and since the ring is powered by them, they know just about all possible universal knowledge.

They also made a ring that can do a lot to help any Green Lantern. The ring can offer flight as well as allow the wearer to phase through certain objects, possess super strength, create various objects from pure energy, and use his ring as an energy conduit. Thanos has nothing but his gauntlet and super strength to combat this.


What does Thanos have that Wonder Woman doesn’t? She’s equally as strong as he is, if not more so. She can even fly, something Thanos simply cannot do. She also has bracelets that can block several attacks. They also help her control her power by reducing it. If she truly needed to show more power, she could always remove them.

Another thing not considered is that, while Thanos considers himself something of a God…he’s not. Wonder Woman is actually a demi-god. That being said, only another God could end a God. She could take the gauntlet away due to her speed and power, and he’d be a fraction of what he was against the Avengers.


Often forgotten about The Flash is that while he can run fast, he is more than just a fast runner. His body can heal very quickly too. Plus due to the high speeds he gets to, he can add power to his hits by adding speed to them. Thanos might be quick himself, but he’s by no means ever going to be as quick as The Flash.

He could also add in several shots before Thanos knows what is even going on. Another thing Flash brings to the table is his ability to travel back in time. If he knows Thanos will win, the best course of action would be time travel. Options are limitless here.


The hero who should have been first on our list; also known as the man of steel, Superman's strength, and overall power is, to put it bluntly, ridiculous. In fact, it's what would make him win in a fight against Thanos, even with the Infinity Gauntlet.

Superman's powers, which are powered by the sun, and thus practically infinite, are more than a match for the Mad Titan, so much so that a fight between them isn't even fair. Superman could literally destroy Thanos. Even if he didn't want to end his life, he could still destroy the Infinity Stones in the palms of his hands or destroy the Gauntlet itself with nothing more than his laser vision.


Imperiex is a collection of pure energy that is contained within a suit of armor. A suit of armor that is not too dissimilar to Thanos’ own armor. And like Thanos, Imperiex has aspirations to destroy the universe. Except, in Imperiex’s case, he has achieved in destroying the universe many, many times.

His goal has always been to destroy different worlds and galaxies over and over again until they are perfect. Imperiex already outmatches Thanos as far as both determination and success rate with conquering the universe. Imperiex is so powerful that there have been many instances that have forced superheroes and villains to work together to stop him. Thanos doesn’t stand a chance.


Trigon is best remembered as the colossal sized father of Raven from the Teen Titans. As intimidating as Trigon appeared to be in animated form, he is actually even more powerful in the comics. He has conquered millions of different worlds and feeds off the dead souls of his victims.

In addition to his own might, he also wields a staff that can attack, control, and manipulate other people. Of course, it’s no Infinity Gauntlet, but it’ll do enough to allow Trigon to make Thanos into his own personal puppet. He also has some back up in the form of his three sons.


He has held his own against both the Spectre and Lucifer, two of DC’s most powerful beings. Despite being a slightly weaker counterpart, Michael is another guy who would wipe the floor with Thanos. Again, Michael is an archangel, one of the most powerful entities in all of creation.

Thanos, while powerful, is no archangel and will never be matched for one even with an Infinity Gauntlet. If he was able to defeat Lucifer in the revolt in Heaven, he can squash Thanos like a bug.


DC Comics’ most powerful being, The Presence is essentially DC’s version of Marvel’s The One Above All. The Presence’s physical appearance is shrouded in mystery although He prominently takes the form of a suited gentleman with a top hat and a mustache. The Presence’s powers, like The One Above All's, are anything the mind can think of.

He is immortal; knows anything and everything; he is everywhere at once through space, time and all dimensions; and is all-powerful. If Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet ever dared take on The Presence, the fight would be over long before it even starts.


Only second to The Presence, Lucifer Morningstar is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Lucifer is an immortal angel and has a considerable set of divine abilities. Among those abilities are cosmic awareness, dimensional manipulation, invulnerability, invisibility, super speed, super strength, telekinesis, and the list goes on.

While a battle between Lucifer and Thanos would probably go for a little more than a second - because Lucifer lives by a set of rules - if Lucifer really wanted it, Thanos would be dead without Lucifer striking a single blow.


Out of all of the opponents from the DC Universe to be paired with Thanos, a clash with Darkseid has perhaps been debated the most among comic book readers. Darkseid seems to be the most evenly matched competitor that Thanos would ever have to face. The two share the same powers and even look pretty similar in appearance.

In a one on one boxing match for control of the universe, it could go either way. However, Darkseid can still conquer an Infinity Gauntlet wielding Thanos with help from the Mother Boxes, which helps Darkseid tap into the powers and abilities of The Presence, DC’s most powerful being.


Pitting someone like Raven against Thanos and his cosmic power makes for one interesting theoretical fight. Though Thanos might have mighty cosmic power on his side, Raven's powers are derived from both the magic she has studied and her demonic lineage.

As the daughter of Trigon, Raven has immense magical power, which she uses to augment her arsenal of magical and psychic abilities. Specifically, it is her telekinetic and telepathic abilities that make her so formidable, and who knows how her soul-self astral projection might fare against Thanos. Plus, when you bring in the dark magic of her demon side into the mix, Thanos doesn't stand a chance.


Thanos' strength, speed, durability, and cosmic power are nothing to scoff at. However, in a fictional beat down, we think He-Man could be one of the few people to stop Thanos from using the Gauntlet.

He-Man's strength is often described as being the greatest in the universe, and even if that is an exaggeration, he has been seen moving a moon in and out of orbit with his bare hands, which is still very impressive. He-Man also has access to an external power force, the power that allows him to power up himself and Cringer, meaning he could put up a decent fight even if Thanos had the Infinity Gauntlet.


Thanos has had many encounters with Marvel's version of Death, but has not fought against the other, and possibly more powerful embodiment of Death. We are talking about the Death of Neil Gaiman's Sandman, whose powers are vast and immeasurable.

Thanos might be able to manipulate time, reality and the souls and minds of others with the Infinity Gauntlet, but none of that matters when facing an embodiment of mortality who has the power of an omnipotent god. Though Death might be known for guiding spirits to the afterlife, she still has the power to end the life of someone if she so chooses. All she has to do is think about Thanos being dead and game over.


He is the Lord of order. This title enough should be enough evidence to prove that Doctor Fate would be able to Destroy Thanos in a battle, Infinity Gauntlet or not. Whether or not he is actively attempting to, Thanos is creating chaos by using the Infinity Gauntlet, and Doctor Fate's whole job description is combating chaos using the mystic arts.

He has a vast mastery of magic that knows no rival, and with this immense knowledge of magic and centuries of experience as the host of the ancient entity known as Nabu the wise, Fate would have no trouble combating everything that Thanos could throw at him.


For those who have not read DC's Lucifer, let us summarize who Elaine is. She is a young woman who started out with just the power to see ghosts but eventually gained complete omnipotence, essentially making her god.

As a physical manifestation of the universe in which she exists, Elaine is all-powerful and all-knowing, which makes her the most powerful being ever. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we can think of no one else who can give Thanos a run for his money.


This particular speedster is able to travel through time, but he is also able to manipulate it, which means that Thanos would be out of the game before he even knew it. Professor Zoom would be able to completely take Thanos out of history.

With a power like that, Thanos would not stand a chance even with the gauntlet. He has more powers, but the most impressive and important would definitely be that one, because taking Thanos out of history altogether would solve all the problems that come with him.

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