10 DC Characters Who Could Be Worthy Of Lifting Mjolnir

As many of us know, Mjolnir, Thor's trusty hammer, isn't just a tool that can be used by anyone. To use the hammer, the person must be deemed worthy by the hammer itself. Generally, when we think about who the hammer would think is worthy, we usually assume it's an Odin-approved warrior with a heart of gold. But applying Nordic mythological logic to other universes isn't always so straight and narrow. What Odin thinks is pure of heart might not really be the same as what other gods would think. So, it's all relative.

Since we don't really know the specific criteria, we like to imagine there are some other people who could probably be given the seal of approval to pick up the hammer. We know that there have been a few people from the Marvel universe who have been able to take control of Mjolnir. But this makes us wonder which member of the DC Universe, in particular, could potentially lift Thor's hammer.

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Here are our top ten contenders for the most worthy beings in the DC universe worthy of picking up and wielding Mjolnir. And before we jump to assumptions, here are a few that didn't make the list: Batman and The Flash. Batman doesn't have the heart and soul to wield Mjolnir, while The Flash has impulsive tendencies and a lack of confidence in his control over his own powers that remove him from the equation. So, let's focus on those who would actually be worthy (in our minds).


Wonder Woman lifting Mjolnir

It's not really surprising at all that Wonder Woman would be a contender to wield the mystical hammer. In the 1996 crossover series DC vs. Marvel, Wonder Woman actually does lift Mjolnir. During a battle between the DC and Marvel characters, Thor loses control of Mjolnir and it ends up by Wonder Woman's feet. When she goes to lift it, the hammer deems her a worthy person, and she is able to wield it over her head and embody Thor's powers.

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Eventually, in the comic, Wonder Woman decided not to use it and put it down because it would be an unfair fight against Storm. She ends up losing that fight because Storm overpowers her with lightning powers. If that's not the sign of an honest, good, and pure of heart person, then nothing is. We would also be very on board with a Wonder Woman/Thor buddy cop-style team up in the future.


Superman lifting Mjolnir and Captain America shield

In another comic book DC/Marvel crossover, Superman is able to wield Mjolnir as well. In 2004, the JLA/Avengers crossover was released, in which the Justice League both faces the Avengers and then teams up with each other to defeat Kona. Superman takes it upon himself to pick up the slack when Thor is taken over by Kona. Since Thor isn't capable of using his powers in a heroic way, Superman is able to take over for the duration of the battle.

Superman actually lifts and wields Mjolnir while holding Captain America's shield, which is double the amount of awesome. As soon as the battle is over, Superman is suddenly unable to hold it anymore. Thor tells him that there are some situations where the spell can be lifted temporarily, in times of emergency, but the user still has to be considered worthy.


Green Lantern Kyle Rayner

As the Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner initially didn't really know what he was doing. But he proved himself as someone who could definitely be capable of handling all of the powers in the universe. Holding that much power can only be trusted to a certain type of person, and it's likely the same type of person who could be good enough for Mjolnir. According to Norse mythology, the hammer also represents protection from evil.

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That means doing what it takes to prevent evil from taking over. In the ultimate show of character, Kyle Rayner could have had ultimate power as Ion and as the White Lantern, but he gave it up for the sake of the rest of the world to restart the Green Lantern Corps and bring back balance against evil. That's a pretty worthy quality if you ask anyone.


Captain Marvel Shazam

We already know that Billy Batson has been deemed "pure of heart" by the wizard who gave him his powers. Shazam isn't really a super-warrior like Wonder Woman because he wasn't trained for a huge portion of his life, but he has the potential. A wizard trusted him with the powers of six different, powerful gods of the universe. He has to have his head on good shoulders to have that kind of honor. Also, the different types of powers that he possesses should make it fully possible for him to gather what it takes to be considered worthy. Especially since he clearly doesn't mind sharing those powers instead of keeping them all to himself.


Before he was Nightwing, Dick Grayson served by Batman's side as Robin. Being a sidekick, especially to someone like Batman, means that you are really in it for the good of helping people. Sidekicks don't get the attention and recognition, but they usually still have to do the same amount of work.

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They even get the dirty parts like cleaning up messes while their heroic counterpart thrives. So, when he became Nightwing, Dick promised himself he wouldn't become all dark and broody like Batman and would focus on actually helping people. That sounds worthy.


Alan Scott Green Lantern

The original Green Lantern is another contender who may be able to handle Mjolnir. When he originally gains the powers of the Starheart, he's told that it's because of his will and beliefs. These beliefs formed his core values and kept his powers going. Since then, he has spent basically his entire life, right into old age, fighting evil and upholding justice. As an elder character, his wisdom and life experience work to his advantage to help others and advise properly, like a Green Lantern Yoda. His mindset is obviously in the right place, which definitely makes him a contender for lifting Mjolnir.


Martian Manhunter

This Martian cop could be a potential contender because he has his own outer-worldly powers and has been through enough trauma to know the value of justice. He's put his life at risk many times to save others. He considers it his job to protect the Earth, a planet he isn't even originally from.

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In Detective Comics #326, he kills off his alter-ego when he almost dies saving a child by engulfing himself inside a deadly could. If he's good enough to put himself inside a dangerous cloud to save one child, we'd say he's pretty worthy at heart.


Supergirl spends most of her time making real, human connections with people on Earth and doing good deeds everywhere she goes. Her most recognizable traits are her good heart and optimism. She's proven herself to be a tough warrior and even trained under Wonder Woman for some time. It's possible that she could lift Mjolnir because of all of these factors, as well as the fact that she possesses the same type of powers that her cousin, Superman, has.



Okay, this one's a little bit of a hopeful stretch. Aquaman can be pretty arrogant, but Thor is also arrogant, so this clearly isn't a trait that the hammer is really looking for. In this case, arrogance can also mean confidence as a warrior or in your fighting abilities.

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He comes from a noble background and is an important king that acts as a bridge between land and sea. However, as we know, he does tend to abandon his throne when he's needed with the Justice League, but he knows how to toe the line pretty well.



So, it technically has to be a living creature that can actually use Mjolnir, but Cyborg could definitely at least pick it up. It's the same thing that happened with Vision. We saw it in Avengers: Age of Ultron when he picked it up to casually hand it to Thor. Even though Vision never does this in the comics, we can imagine his non-human powers make him capable of lifting it without becoming electrocuted or something else. According to this logic, then, Cyborg should also be able to do the same. He definitely has enough power running through all of his different bits and parts that could channel the electricity safely.

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