10 DC Characters You Didn’t Know Had Joined Lantern Corps

DC Comics has been the home for some of the world’s most popular and powerful comic book superheroes of all time. Whether it’s Superman, the Last Son of Krypton, or Wonder Woman, Amazon Princess, or even the tragic vigilante hero and billionaire Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, DC knows how to showcase in-depth character development and rich mythology.

One such way DC has done this has been by introducing the Green Lantern Corps over the years, as well as many other Corps along the emotional spectrum. Let's take a look at ten DC heroes fans never knew became a Lantern.

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10 Ice

One shocking character fans may not even realize joined the Green Lantern Corps has to be Ice. Real name Tora Olafsdotter, the hero came from a small Norse village that wielded great magic and allowed her to become a local superhero named Ice, with the ability to manipulate and create ice.

Eventually invited to join the Justice League, Ice had many adventures along the way. She began to feel inadequate about her powers compared to the other League members and was set to leave. However after Professor Ivo stole the League’s powers, she received Guy Gardner's ring, becoming a Lantern.

9 Barry Allen

One event that really allowed many of the heroes of the DC Universe to join a Lantern Corps was Blackest Night. When several heroes who had passed on began returning as members of the Black Lantern Corps, which represented Death, the remaining heroes had to find a way to battle the dangerous new foes.

Barry Allen, along with several other heroes, are gathered to take on the mantles of various rings along the emotional spectrum. Barry is chosen by Ganthet to become a Blue Lantern and joins fellow Blue Lantern Saint Walker to try and save his grandson, Bart Allen.

8 Mera

A surge of popularity thanks to a recent DCEU film has reached one of DC’s greatest aquatic heroes, Mera. Atlantean royalty and the love interest of Aquaman, aka Arthur Curry, Mera is a powerful Atlantean warrior and hero who fights tooth and nail for her people.

During the Blackest Night storyline, a recently deceased Aquaman returns as a Black Lantern, and Mera is forced to join the surviving Justice League members to battle the new threat. The anger and rage she feels at the Black Lanterns using Aquaman to reanimate her child turn her into a Red Lantern Corps member.

7 Atom

One character who joined a Lantern Corps is The Atom, aka Ray Palmer. Every Arrowverse fan knows the name Ray Palmer now, after serving as a guest star on Arrow’s third season and a series regular on the hit show Legends of Tomorrow. Played by actor Brandon Routh, the hero is known as a scientist who has mastered the ability to shrink down to the atomic level.

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In Blackest Night, Ray meets the son of the original Atom, (Damage and Al Pratt respectively), and in battling the Black Lanterns becomes part of the recently discovered Indigo Tribe Lanterns.

6 Batman

One way heroes often become Lanterns in the comics are through alternate realities and stories. One such example was in one of DC Comics popular “Elseworlds” storylines, in a 1994 “What If…?” type of story in which Bruce Wayne became Green Lantern.

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In the story “Batman: In Darkest Knight”, Bruce had just made his stumbling debut as Batman when Abin Sur crashed to Earth and sent his ring to find his replacement. The ring chose Bruce Wayne. Bruce became one of the best Green Lanterns ever but became obsessed after rogue Lantern Sinestro merged with Joe Chill, his parent’s killer.

5 Kid Flash

One of the strongest friendships in the DC Universe has to be between Hal Jordan and Barry Allen, aka Green Lantern and The Flash. The two heroes have faced a lot, and their kindred spirits is what makes them such a force to be reckoned with.

Flash/Green Lantern: The Brave and the Bold, explored team-ups the two heroes had over the years. One involved Kid Flash, who lost his speed when he intercepted an attack meant for The Flash. In order to get his speed back, Hal gave him a ring and let him be Kid Green Lantern.

4 Barbara Gordon

Another “Elseworlds” story that allowed one hero to become a Green Lantern was the story JLA: Created Equal, a story from the year 2000 in which a plague wiped out almost all of the men of the DC Universe, save for Superman and Lex Luthor.

After Kyle Rayner became one of the victims, his ring was taken by a failed comedian who used it for a crime spree. When a group of female heroes stopped her, the ring chose Barbara Gordon as the new Green Lantern of that sector, which allowed her to walk for the first time in years.

3 Supergirl

A truly shocking turn of events for one hero to become a Lantern has to be Supergirl. Otherwise known as Kara Zor-El, Supergirl in the New 52 era of comics dealt with a lot of pain and anger in her beginning years. That anger drew the attention of a Red Lantern Ring.

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After a major blowup between Lobo and Supergirl unleashes her pent up anger, the Red Lantern Ring finds her, transforming her and sending her into space. The Green Lanterns find her, and Hal takes her to Guy Gardner, who at the time led the Red Lantern Corps.

2 Wonder Woman

One major hero who actually became a Lantern during the Blackest Night storyline was none other than Wonder Woman herself. During the events, Nekron (the being behind the Black Lantern Corps), sent out several Black Lantern Rings to possess heroes, including Wonder Woman.

After she was forcibly separated from the ring, Wonder Woman was one of the few heroes to be chosen to join one of the Lantern Corps. She was given a violet ring, joining the Star Sapphires. Being a hero who constantly uses her heart to win out battles, she became a powerful member of the Star Sapphires.

1 Superman

One of the strongest heroes of all time became a Green Lantern during a series of comics that explored what kind of hero he would have become had things been different in his origins. In 1999, a comic storyline called “The One-Man JLA” introduced four versions of Superman becoming a very different hero.

One version included an origin that saw Kal-El skyrocketing as a baby towards Oa, and found and raised by the Guardians of the Galaxy. Becoming the greatest Green Lantern of all time, Kal-El would learn his lost humanity by teaming up with Hal Jordan .

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