20 DC Characters That Already Exist In The Arrowverse (And Most Fans Didn't Notice)

There's a lot to love about Greg Berlanti's Arrowverse and one of the things we all love the most is getting to see tons of comic book characters in live action. Every season across all four shows (soon to be five once Batwoman gets off the ground) tons of new characters are introduced and teased. In season six of Arrow, Oliver Queen namedropped Bruce Wayne, in the third season of Legends of Tomorrow, Zari flew to Themyscira, and in the season five premiere of The Flash, Barry's daughter Nora dropped more easter eggs than should be allowed per one person in a single episode. The Arrowverse loves rewarding its fans with all kinds of references to the comics. The existence of the multiverse and the constant time-traveling adventures of the Legends allow the writers to show off a myriad of DC Comics characters, who may or may not appear in a larger role in the future.

Sometimes catching these references can be a taxing job and when we're paying close attention to what's happening in front of us, we may miss a lot of what's going on in the background. Heck, we all know that these damn easter eggs love hiding from us. Other times, these references can be difficult to figure out at a moment's notice without reaching for the phone. Which is why these shows get thoroughly analyzed for easter eggs by people like us here at CBR. We did some research and found 20 characters that exist in the Arrowverse and you may not even realize it.

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Doctor Fate
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Doctor Fate

Before he joined the cast of Legends of Tomorrow and before he even became part of the Arrowverse, John Constantine had his own show on NBC. The Constantine series was canceled after only one season, but it all worked out for the best once the character joined the Arrowverse. However, Constantine didn’t come alone. Everything that happened on the NBC show is now Arrowverse canon, including the Doctor Fate easter egg.

Even though Doctor Fate himself didn’t make an appearance on Constantine, the infamous Helmet of Fate was seen in two episodes, which means that the sorcerer is officially somewhere in the Arrowverse.


Wesley Dodds Sandman

Rip Hunter’s former captain quarters aboard the Waverider are packed with easter eggs and references, all part of his personal collection that he collected while traveling through time. A bunch of interesting trinkets can be seen spread around the room, including the helmet of Ma Hunkel, aka the Golden Age Red Tornado, Hourman’s hourglass, Sgt. Rock’s helmet, as well as Sandman’s gas mask.

In the comics, Wesley Dodds, aka the Sandman, initially used a World War I gas mask to protect himself from his own gas. Over the years he upgraded his mask to look less like a bad guy.



Just like Doctor Fate, the Specter didn’t appear on Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl or Legends of Tomorrow. Instead, Jim Corrigan was introduced on the canceled NBC series Constantine. Like his comic book counterpart, Constantine’s Jim Corrigan was a detective.

At the time he didn’t have any powers, but John Constantine’s colleague Zed had a vision of Corrigan being possessed and surrounded by a green mist (which just happens to be Specter’s trademark look). The Specter is one of the most powerful magic users in the DC Comics Universe and it would be so cool to see him in the Arrowverse.


Oswald Loomis The Prankster

Oswald Loomis had an interesting cameo on The Flash way back in season one. In the episode “Going Rogue”, Barry and Felicity end up on a double date with Iris and Eddie. They go to CC Jitters where they take part in Trivia Night. The host of Trivia Night was none other than Oswald Loomis, better known in the comics as the Prankster.

Prankster has been an enemy of Superman and Nightwing, but that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t become one of Flash’s rogues on the show. However, Oswald Loomis has been absent since that one appearance, which leads us to believe he won’t be back.


Cameron Mahkent The Icicle

Last season on The Flash, we found out that Caitlin Snow has had ice powers as a child. This was a big shock for both Caitlin and the audience, but thanks to the investigative skills of Ralph Dibny we might all get some answers. Of course, before we get the answer we must first deal with even more questions.

In the season five premiere, Ralph discovered that the doctor who signed Caitlin’s dad’s death certificate doesn’t exist. But what’s even more interesting than Caitlin’s dad possibly being alive is the name of the fake doctor: Cameron Mahkent. In the comics, Mahkent is a villain known as Icicle. But could he be Caitlin's father?


Paul Gambi

Way before Black Lightning came around and introduced us to Peter Gambi, The Flash referenced his brother -- the Crime Tailor, Paul Gambi. Paul Gambi is the go-to tailor for all Central City rogues who want to look their best when they inevitably come face to face with the Scarlet Speedster.

Paul Gambi hasn’t yet made an appearance on The Flash, even though it would make sense for him to at least get a cameo, but we do have proof he exists. In a scene from the pilot episode of The Flash, Barry tests his new powers and runs into a laundry-pick-up van that belongs to Gambi Cleaners.


Ryan Choi Atom

After telling Team Flash all about the Flash Museum, Nora gave Barry a special gift from the future -- the Flash's Costume Ring. In a truly epic scene, Barry Allen released his new supersuit from the ring and suited up. Baffled by what he just witnessed, Cisco was finding it hard to believe that he created the suit. And, as it turns out, he didn’t.

According to Nora, the suit was designed by one Ryan Choi. In the comics, Ryan Choi is the fourth person to call himself the Atom. While this may well have been just a fun easter egg, it could also mean that Choi will be replacing Ray Palmer who may end up lost in time, as suggested by the newspaper from the future.


Alan Scott Green Lantern

In season two of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, we go to meet the Justice Society of America. One of the members of the JSA was Todd Rice, better known as Obsidian. He appeared both as a young man in his prime crime-fighting years and as an elderly gentleman landing a helping hand to the Legends.

In the comics, Todd Rice is the son of Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern. While Alan Scott hasn't made an appearance in the Arrowverse, the actor who portrayed the older version of Obsidian, Lance Henriksen, confirmed that Todd is, indeed, Green Lantern's son.



Superman’s nemesis Mongul, also known as the tyrannical ruler of Warworld, is definitely a villain that could appear on Supergirl in the future. Warworld was mentioned two times during season two, first by Mon-El and then by the Man of Steel himself.

In the comics, Warworld is an artificial satellite that travels the galaxy and enslaves fighters to participate in gladiator fights, all under the leadership of Mongul. One of Warworld’s best warriors, Draaga, already appeared on Supergirl, which is when Mon-El first mentioned Warworld. In the season two finale “Nevertheless, She Persisted”, Superman confirmed that he has participated in Mongul’s gladiator fights.


Steve Dayton Mento

Sometimes it feels like these Arrowverse shows are one big scavenger hunt, especially when they’re really trying to impress us with these well-hidden references, as is the case with crossovers. "Crisis on Earth-X" was filled to the brim with easter eggs, including a small nod to Steve Dayton, aka Mento.

The building that the evil doppelgangers broke into to steal an experimental sub-light generator known as the Prism belongs to “Dayton Optical Systems”, a company owned by Steve Dayton. In the comics, Dayton is one of the richest people in the world and a member of the Doom Patrol.


Upon seeing the promo images for the second episode of Legends of Tomorrow’s third season the fans were quick to point out the muscular man in a leopard-fur mask. This bizarre DC Comics character is known as B’wana Beast. Real name Mike Maxwell, he is the superhero of the jungle with the ability to control animals and merge them together to create chimera-like creatures.

In Legends of Tomorrow, the Jungle Master was far from his comic book counterpart. B’wana Beast was a strongman in P.T. Barnum’s circus and mostly served as Barnum’s muscle, helping him to capture Ray and Jax and holding Amaya at gunpoint to coerce Nate into performing.


Andrew Von Horn Gunfire

During the "Invasion!" crossover, a woman named Laura Washington, aka Cyber-Woman, stole a prototype regulator from Van Horn Industries. Yes, as in Andrew Van Horn. In the comics, Andrew Van Horn is known as the superhero Gunfire. He was created as part of DC’s Bloodlines event and got his powers from an alien parasite.

So far, Gunfire hasn’t made an appearance in the Arrowverse. But, given that his company is around it’s safe to assume he is too, and since Blue Beetle is off the table, perhaps the writers could make at least one of these company easter eggs pay off by introducing Gunfire.


Chloe Sullivan Smallville

During the Supergirl flashback episode titled “Midvale”, we got to see how young Alex and Kara bonded as sisters and forged such a strong and beautiful relationship. Ever the heroes, the sisters solved the taking out of Kara’s first friend on Earth with a little help from a friend. In one of their conversations, Kara mentions Clark’s friend Chloe who might be able to help and references her “wall of weird”.

This is a clear reference to Chloe Sullivan, an original character created for the Superman show Smallville. Chloe and Clark were best friends and her fascination with the weird events in Smallville indeed led her to create a “wall of weird”.


Dexter Myles

Barry and Iris’ daughter Nora shared some pretty interesting details about the future in The Flash season five premiere. After messing up Flash’s battle with Gridlock, she blurted out that in the future there’s a Flash Museum.

The Flash Museum is one of the most iconic locations in DC Comics and it has been teased on the show before. Nora also mentioned that the curator of the Flash Museum is a certain Mr. Myles. This, of course, is a reference to the comic book character Dexter Myles, a former actor who got the job at the museum after assisting Flash in stopping a robbery.



The Warner Bros. have strict rules when it comes to which characters the Arrowverse can use and, as you would expect, Aquaman is off limits. However, just because they can’t use him, doesn’t mean they can’t acknowledge his existence. In season two of The Flash, we got a couple of nods to the King of Atlantis.

Hunter Zolomon mentioned that his best friend is from Atlantis, which hasn’t sunk on his Earth, and we could actually see Atlantis of Wells’ Earth-2 map. Lastly, Barry’s parents on Earth-2 have apparently always wanted to go to Atlantis. So, even if we don’t see him, Aquaman is swimming around.



When a bounty hunter from Earth-19 named Gypsy came to the Earth-One Central City looking to bring H.R. to Earth-19 for trial, Cisco intervened to save his friend. Gypsy and Cisco end up in a fight to the end which lands them on a few different earths. A particularly interesting one is the post-apocalyptic version of Earth with volcanoes.

This might have been a nod to Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth. In this post-apocalyptic world, after the Great Disaster left Earth in ruins and animals started evolving and enslaving humans, a human boy named Kamandi set out to find others like him and rescue humanity from extinction.



In Supergirl season three episode “For Good”, Mon-El mentioned using hacked drones with Brainiac-5 to fight a villain named Computo. In the comics, Computo was built by Brainiac-5 to be the ultimate thinking machine and assist him in the lab. Brainy must have made him too smart since Computo realized he didn’t want to serve anyone and organized a robot uprising.

He attempted to overthrow the 30th-century society and was one of the most dangerous enemies of the Legion of Superheroes. This wasn’t mentioned in the show, but it’s safe to assume the Computo Mon-El mentioned is, indeed, Brainy’s creation.


Lobo Justice League

In “Crisis on Earth-X Part 1”, Alex worryingly inquired whether the alien Kara was fighting was of Czarnian origin. In the comics, the only surviving Czarnian is Lobo, so this was clearly a nod the Main Man. However, it’s not the first time Supergirl has referenced this DC Comics character.

In the season one episode “Truth, Justice and the American Way”, former Fort Rozz prisoners were being ended by an unknown executioner and J’onn suggested that they could be dealing with an intergalactic bounty hunter, and Alex had someone in particular in mind. However, J'onn claimed that if he --most likely Lobo -- were in town, they'd know.



In the penultimate episode of season three of The Flash, Barry had to enlist the help of Leonard Snart in order to save Iris from Savitar. The two broke into an A.R.G.U.S. facility and while searching for the Dominator’s power source passed by a few cells, which Barry noted were probably used to keep Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad.

One of the cells belonged to Cheetah. In the comics, Cheetah is a Wonder Woman villain and will be making her big screen debut in Wonder Woman 1984 very soon. As for the Arrowverse, we probably won’t be seeing Cheetah there.


Dick Grayson Robin

In the hilarious Legends of Tomorrow episode “Freakshow”, the Legends find themselves in 1870 to fix the anachronism located at P.T. Barnum’s circus. The episode contains fun little nods to a number of DC Comics characters, the aforementioned B’wana Beast, King Tut and the Flying Graysons.

When the Legends visit Barnum’s circus there’s a performance going on in the background that deserves a closer look. The acrobats seen behind Sara and Stein are dressed in the signature red, yellow and green costume, which has to be a reference to the Flying Graysons. Of course, this can only mean one thing: Dick Grayson does exist in the Arrowverse.

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