DC changes World of Flashpoint map

In this week's release of Flashpoint #2, DC published the World of Flashpoint map that raised questions about racism in many fans when it debuted online. It's the same as the version they posted earlier, but with one, significant difference.

Edited for clarification: The original map labelled Africa as ape-controlled. In the comments section for the post about the controversy, there's a substantial discussion about the historical usage of "ape" as a racist term, so please read that before claiming here that it's not.

As I said in the original post though, no reasonable person believes that DC intended any offense by the wording on the first version of the map. It was an oversight (though a telling one, since no one at DC caught it and this isn’t the first time DC’s been accused of this kind of thing) and it's good to see that they've corrected it.

The new question is: Is this enough? Should DC also apologize and/or issue a statement?

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