DC Celebrates the Legacy of Julie Schwartz with Eight Specials

Today, DC Comics announced they would be releasing eight new stand-alone "DC Comics Presents" specials beginning this July to celebrate the life and contributions of influential editor Julius Schwartz. According to DC, the specials "pay tribute to Julie via one of his best-known editorial trademarks: the cover-driven story."

Each special features some of comics' biggest names as they use a classic Silver Age cover as inspiration for two 11-page stories. The contributors are writers and artists who either worked with Schwartz or those that were inspired by his work. Each issue will include Harlan Ellison's tribute to Schwartz (published on CBR yesterday) along with the original covers.

"Now that Julie can no longer keep us from embarrassing him, it seems appropriate to celebrate his extraordinary career by challenging a core of writers and artists with one of his favorite tricks," Paul Levitz, DC Comics President & Publisher, and writer of one of the stories said in a release. "I'm frightened by the company that I'm being placed in, but we're all even more frightened that he'll show back up and fix what we've done."

"We actually were developing this project in celebration of Julie's 60th anniversary with DC," Dan DiDio, DC's VP - Editorial said in a release. "It's an opportunity to show our appreciation for his many accomplishments, working with some of the greatest talents in comics. This project is truly a labor of love for all involved in DC editorial."

These titles ship one per week in July beginning with:

DC COMICS PRESENTS: BATMANThe cover to BATMAN #183, lovingly re-created by Adam Hughes, features a seeming "couch potato" Dark Knight. The stories are by Geoff Johns with art by Carmine Infantino and Joe Giella and by Len Wein with art by Andy Kuhn.

DC COMICS PRESENTS: MYSTERY IN SPACEAlex Ross pays tribute to the cover of MYSTERY IN SPACE #82, featuring Adam Strange's dilemma of having to decide the fate of two worlds. By Grant Morrison with art by Jerry Ordway and Elliot S. Maggin with art by J.H. Williams III.

DC COMICS PRESENTS: GREEN LANTERNBrian Bolland reinterprets the cover of GREEN LANTERN #31, where the Emerald Gladiator offers "Power Rings For Sale." By Brian Azzarello with art by Norm Breyfogle & Sal Buscema and Martin Pasko with art by Scott McDaniel & Andy Owens.

DC COMICS PRESENTS: HAWKMANJosé Luis García-López illustrates Hawkman's battle with a winged gorilla from the cover of HAWKMAN #6! By Kurt Busiek with art by Walter Simonson and Cary Bates with art by John Byrne.

And in August, look for four more "DC Comics Presents" Specials showcasing Superman, the Flash, the Atom, and the Justice League of America, with new stories featuring the work of Stan Lee, Darwyn Cooke, Paul Levitz, Keith Giffen, Dennis O'Neil, Doug Mahnke, Jeph Loeb, Dave Gibbons, Mark Waid, Peter David, Harlan Ellison, Marv Wolfman, Dustin Nguyen, Joe Giella and more!

The above listed titles will be solicited in the May issue of Previews (Volume XIV #5) and are scheduled to arrive in stores in July.

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