DC, Cartoon Network and Kids WB launch Create Your Own Super Hero

Official Press Release

DC Comics, Cartoon Network and Kids WB! have partnered with Hostess to offer kids the opportunity to create their own Super Hero.

This January and February, kids can go online to www.createyourownsuperhero.com to electronically create their own Super Hero and enter the "Create Your Own Super Hero Sweepstakes" for the chance to appear with their Super Hero in a comic strip created by DC Comics.

As part of the grand prize the prizewinner plus one parent/family member or friend will win a trip to New York City for a tour of DC Comics. The consumer does not have to create a Super Hero to enter the sweepstakes.

"Kids today are able to enjoy the action-packed stories and fantasy of their super hero idols on-air, on-line and, of course, in comics," said David McKillips, Vice President of Advertising for DC Comics and MAD Magazine. "This promotion is really unique because it gives kids the chance to transform the fantasy of their imaginations into reality by creating their very own super heroes."

"Hostess is thrilled to partner with DC Comics, Kids WB and Cartoon Network for this exciting promotion." said Kevin Kaul, Marketing Manager at Hostess. "Hostess stands for fun, and the 'Create Your Own Super Hero Sweepstakes' gives kids something fun and enjoyable to do. We think kids are going to absolutely love creating their super hero, as well as the opportunity to enter the sweepstakes and win the grand prize."

Retailers will receive a promotional poster for the program courtesy of DC Comics, Cartoon Network and Kids WB!

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