DC Cancels Second "Prez" Series, Releasing 12-Page Election Special in November

Despite scoring a high approval rating among its readers, DC Comics' "Prez" will not return for a second term.

Instead of the planned six-issue follow up to the series that launched last year under the "DC You" banner, writer Mark Russell and artist Ben Caldwell's political satire will conclude with a 12-page special in November, coinciding with the real-world American presidential election.

Russell confirmed the change-up to "Prez" in the following post to Twitter:

@MattrWorldPeace There's going to be a 12 pg election special and then that's the end, I'm afraid.

- Mark Russell (@Manruss) August 2, 2016

"Prez" originated as a short-lived series by Joe Simon and Jerry Grandenetti in 1973, and was revived in 2015 by Russell and Caldwell with a female lead. Set in the near future, the "Prez" revamp follows teenage Beth Ross who becomes internet famous due to an awkward fast-food photo, and unexpectedly receives enough votes via Twitter to pick up a few electoral votes. After a tie in the electoral college between the two real candidates and some incompetent bargaining in the House of Representatives, "Corndog Girl" -- as Beth is known from social media -- becomes President of the United States.

Russell and Caldwell's series was originally solicited for twelve issues, but was soon cut to six, presumably due to low sales. DC stated that the second half would instead be released as a separate miniseries, with Russell saying in February that "Prez" would return in October as part of "Rebirth."

With Russell pronouncing the sequel DOA on Twitter, in a mention first reported by Bleeding Cool, Beth Ross's political future is on hold indefinitely. However, fans of Russell's satire can still see him skewer modern life in his current run on "The Flintstones."

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