DC Cancels ¡Lucha Explosiva! Luchadore Superhero Figures

DC Collectibles has canceled orders for DC ¡Lucha Explosiva!, a line of superhero figures inspired by luchadores.

Although the stylized line was announced to much acclaim at the New York Toy Fair earlier this year, DC informed comic book stores that their orders for the figures were being canceled and that the figures would not be resolicited, as Newsarama noted.

"While the DC ¡Lucha Explosiva! line launched with excitement, we are reevaluating new and exciting ways we can bring the reimaged DC characters to even more fans," a DC representative wrote in a statement to CBR.

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While further reasoning for the cancellation was not given, it's worth noting that, as of this writing, the figures are still featured prominently on the DC Collectibles homepage and are listed as available for pre-order on Amazon and several other online retailers.

This line would've featured versions of classic DC heroes and villains informed by lucha libre and other aspects of Mexican culture. The initial wave of figures would've featured Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Cheetah, Metallo and Deathstroke.

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When the line was announced Jim Fletcher, executive creative director of DC Collectibles, was enthusiastic about the line.

"DC ¡Lucha Explosiva! is a passion project for us," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "We’re all huge fans of lucha libre, and merging Mexican Luchadores with superheroes seemed like a perfect fit. Besides obvious similarities like masks, capes and secret identities, we also think there is a huge crossover between fan bases."

The ¡Lucha Explosiva! Line was expected to start hitting shelves later this year.

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