DC Offers Five of Bendis' Jinxworld Comics For Free

Powers Bendis

DC Comics is now offering five free digital comics from Brian Michael Bendis' Jinxworld line.

As part of the writer's exclusivity deal with the publisher, Bendis' line of creator-owned comics are now available on DC's digital platform. To celebrate, the first issue of each series is being offered for free as digital releases. DC is likely also hoping that the sale will help motivate new readers to check out the comics.

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This includes Bendis' work with Michael Avon Oeming on Powers #1, The United States of Murder Inc. #1 and Takio #1. Brilliant #1, with Mark Bagley, and Scarlet, with Alex Maleev, are included as well. Other single issues and collected editions are available at full price, as are his classic graphic novels Jinx, Torso and Goldfish.

The sale is just part of the new partnership between Bendis and DC. Along with the publisher selling his books, he has also mentioned his intentions to produce new content under the Jinxworld brand. He is also expected to curate a signature imprint with DC and is set to take on the writing duties for both Superman and Action Comics, starting with April's Action Comics #1000.

These comics will only be available for free through March 7.

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