DC Kicks Off Black History Month with a New Age of DC Hero

DC Comics is kicking of Black History Month with an image of Michael Holt, the current Mister Terrific and star of one of the three remaining New Age of Heroes titles.

The publisher posted the image on its official Twitter. In the image, Mister Terrific stands on a slab of rock as his T-spheres hover around him. A mysterious substance that resembles lava splashes in the background. Above Mister Terrific's head are the words "Black History Month." In the tweet's text, DC writes, "This #BlackHistoryMonth, honor the heroes willing to stand tall in the face of adversity."

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Created by writer John Ostrander and artist Tom Mandrake in 1997's Spectre #54, Holt was dissuaded from taking his own life by the titular antihero after an accident killed his wife and unborn child. Inspired by the story of the original Mister Terrific, Terry Sloane, Holt utilizes his nearly superhuman intellect to fight crime and later joined the Justice Society of America, eventually taking over as that team's chairman.

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The character briefly had his own series during DC's New 52 relaunch, but it ended after only twelve issues, with Holt ending up in the Earth-2 title. Following Dark Nights: Metal, the character is now paired up with Plastic Man, Phantom Girl and Metamorpho in a new series entitled The Terrifics, which sees Holt serving as the leader.


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