DC's Trinity Finally Assembles the Biggest Justice League Ever

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Justice League #26, by James Tynion IV, Javier Fernandez, Hi-Fi and Tom Napolitano, on sale now.

With Perpetua converting Lex Luthor into her Apex predator, it's safe to say the Multiverse is under threat like never before. The Justice League has returned from the Sixth Dimension with the World Forger in tow, looking to figure out how to stop his mother. However, DC's Trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman know they need more firepower against such a cosmic goddess, and so they embark on their most ambitious project to date. The League is looking to expand by recruiting members from across the Multiverse to form the biggest roster ever, with a special goal in mind.

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This Justice League from the Prime Earth has called an emergency meeting at the House of Heroes, which acts as a citadel for all Leagues and heroes across the Multiverse. The Flash and Green Lantern (John Stewart) are surprised by Captain Carrot of Earth 26, and, as expected, his teammates show up when Superman takes center stage. The Man of Steel is about to make a big announcement, which is where artist Javier Fernandez depicts the heroes from other worlds.

Captain Carrot's teammates from the Justice Incarnate can be seen: Aquawoman (Earth 11), Batman (Earth 17), Green Lantern (Earth 20), Captain Carrot (Earth 26), Machinehead (Earth 8), Mary Batson (Earth 5), Superman (Earth 23) and Thunderer (Earth 7). There's also the Bat-Man (aka the Vampire Batman) from Earth 43, the Dark Knight from Gotham by Gaslight's universe, and the Earth 2 Society.

We can also spot Batman Beyond from Earth 12 next to Superman from Earth 22 (the Man of Steel from Kingdom Come). In fact, if you've read Grant Morrison's Multiversity, you'll be in for a treat, as Superman and his colleagues want to dramatically expand for a special mission, with everyone as a candidate. The suggestion by Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders) to mentally turn Earth's denizens into warriors was shot down, because the League wants something more ethical. They haven't issued this call-to-arms for more soldiers, though, as they know their comrades have their own troubles to deal with back home.

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When the World Forger holds court, he confesses he needs extra eyes and ears to help find the Monitor and Anti-Monitor. They were in charge of overseeing the balance of the light and dark in the Multiverse, but have disappeared in the wake of multiple crises. Perpetua's second coming, however, means these other two sons will be essential in sealing her away, like they did in the past, and the Forger (Alpheus) wants this search mission to commence immediately across all of reality.

The Anti-Monitor (Mobius) was drained in the Darkseid War, so it remains to be seen where he has been hiding. The Monitor (Mar Novu) was in the caves in Dark Nights: Metal, but the Dark Multiverse wasn't kind to him. He was held prisoner by the Batman Who Laughs, but escaped when the League saved the day, sadly destroying the Source Wall in the process. It remains to be seen where Mar's been hiding, or if he was even found by Nix Uotan, whom we thought was the last Monitor alive.

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Either way, the Forger's brothers will be difficult to locate, but at least he has the best in the cosmos rallying to his cause. After all, they know this is their fight because Perpetua's recalibration will also affect their worlds. With Lex evolving as well and becoming more bloodthirsty, time is running out. So, hopefully, the Multiverse League finds its targets soon, before doom comes a-knockin'.

Justice League #27 goes on sale July 3.

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