10 Supporting DC Characters Who Deserve Their Own Arrowverse Show

Launched in 2012 with the premiere of Arrow, The CW’s Arrowverse has grown into five separate superhero series with their own canon and rules. However, every year the shows combine for an epic crossover, each bigger than the last.

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With the announcement that Arrow’s eighth season will be its last, it’s time for the universe to think about adding new heroes to the family. Since this year’s crossover will be “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” the timing is perfect to bring in fresh blood without having to bend over backwards folding them into the established landscape. Here are our picks for 10 supporting characters who deserve their own Arrowverse show.

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In its fourth season, Legends of Tomorrow went all in on magic. Though there were moments of heartbreak, the show mostly stuck to its comedic style. Now that magic exists in the universe, they could certainly go more serious with it by following Pandora.

After opening the infamous box, Pandora is cursed to live forever, watching all the pain her mistake has caused. Since she’s also a skilled fighter, this show could incorporate both action and magic while filling the darker space that Arrow currently occupies.


Arrow's Katana

In Season Three, Oliver’s flashbacks took viewers to his time in Hong Kong where he met Maseo and Tatsu Yamashiro. When we last saw Tatsu she was living in the mountains, trying to find peace following the loss of her husband while fighting the League of Assassins.

We never really got a chance to know Tatsu away from her husband, son and Oliver, so we’d love to see her travelling the world using her abilities as a vigilante helping people. Plus, her connection to Team Arrow means she can pop in and work with the other heroes.


Yes, we know we’ve seen Amanda Waller on Arrow, but it was a completely different version of the character than what fans are used to. Luckily, there’s a multiverse, so we can meet a new Amanda Waller who’s more familiar.

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We also know she’s currently being masterfully played on the big screen by Viola Davis, but the comics are full of her adventures that don’t include the Suicide Squad. Amanda Waller is a fascinating character who deserves a more expansive look at her life and career.


With John Constantine now a full fledged member of the Legends, it stands to reason that we need to see his frequent collaborator/love interest Zatanna. Since he’s not really a team player, we can see a show where Constantine leaves the Legends and works with Zatanna to continue fighting magical threats.

Once Constantine and magic were brought into the Arrowverse, viewers immediately began to wonder when they would see Zatanna. She’s a character fans have been waiting to see get the live action treatment, and The CW seems like the perfect place for that.


Question Renee Montoya

The Question would be a completely different character for the Arrowverse, one that would shake things up. There are a few versions of the hero, but we’re guessing the one who’s a journalist/vigilante would work best for TV. Both Star City and Gotham have been portrayed as lawless and chaotic, so Hub City would be no different.

The visual of a man without a face would be interesting to see. It would also be great to see a hero more concerned with information than body counts. If he seems a little too far fetched for the current universe, having him be from another Earth is an easy answer.


One of the characters fans have been most vocal about seeing in movies or TV is Booster Gold. As a time travelling hero, he already has a way in with Legends of Tomorrow. Though the Legends tend to worry about the past, Booster can work in the future, opening up a new world to viewers.

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Watching the arrogant, fame-hungry Booster interact with the more humble Flash, Green Arrow, and Supergirl would be hilarious. With Batwoman taking over Arrow’s serious hero mantle, Supergirl becoming more political and The Flash getting increasingly heartbreaking, Booster Gold could provide some much needed levity.


Arrow was at its best during early seasons, when it was a little more gritty and violent. One way to get back to that would be to bring in Midnighter, and so things don’t get too heavy, his husband Apollo.

Midnighter has a mysterious past, superhuman strength and speed, as well as extraordinary martial arts skills. However, his ability to see moves before his enemy makes them would make for an amazing visual that instantly makes the show unlike the others.



With the exits of Echo Kellum, Carlos Valdes and Emily Bett Rickards, the heroes of Earth-1 are currently without tech support. This means it’s the perfect time to finally introduce Ted Kord into the Arrowverse. Over the years, we’ve heard Kord Industries mentioned several times, so it won’t take much to incorporate the character into this existing world.

Kord would be a good anchor for a new series, as the character has been integral to many of DC’s biggest stories. Blue Beetle might be a more difficult hero to bring to life on a TV budget, but if Arrowverse producers can make Supergirl work, we have faith in them.


Slade Wilson is one of the few characters from the beginning of the Arrowverse who's still alive. When we last saw him, he was walking off into the fog to find his son. We assumed he was written out so the character could appear in the movies. However, the creative changes to DC's film universe have left Deathstroke in limbo.

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Manu Bennett brought new depth to Slade and we'd love to follow his journey as he searches for his son and redemption. The universe will need a new brooding vigilante looking to atone for his violent past.


Through all the various live action versions of Batman, the one character we've never gotten is Jason Todd. Perhaps it's because Red Hood's origin is so tragic, or maybe it's because the films have all been PG-13. Either way, it's a character whose vigilante lifestyle will fit right on with the Arrowverse.

The introduction of Batwoman to the franchise opens things up to explore all aspects of Gotham City. We know other members of the Bat family aren’t available, so Jason Todd is the perfect tie in to the rest of the Bat universe. If it helps, The CW can even cast one of the many handsome actors they keep on retainer.

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